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At present, when all that marketers really care about is shopping cart abandonment, conversion rates, website traffic; they have completely overseen the effect of customer fear on their buying decision.

You may have implemented many hacks, tips, and tricks for boosting your online revenues, but how many of them worked in actual? A few, and why? One of the main reason why your customers are not buying from you is their negative instincts against your brand, product or service. They may be afraid of anything; late deliveries, online scamming, identity theft, and so on. And, your job is to help them overcome it and fortify their trust on your brand, product, and services.

Good customer service is a key to making your customer trust you and when it comes to customer service, the latest and most effective medium is live chat. Your customers may get hesitate to be on call with you, but they can write whatever they want on the live chat, letting you get a sneak peek into their mind.

Live chat has many benefits to offer; whether you want to lure customers towards making sales, turn angry customers into satisfied clients, or just to make them trust you and your services. Besides, many live chat software offer features like real-time typing view or customer activity report helping you understand what makes them tick when they are on your website. Live chat, when used sapiently, can be really productive to your business success.

We have discussed some of the surefire ways to make your customer trust you and feel secure on your website.

Show real images on chat:

Live chat that features the real image of live chat agents are trustable; at least your customer knows whom he or she is talking to. People won’t rely on image-less chats or animated characters. They want your original identity that can take the responsibility of all the doings associated with your brand.  

Don’t stalk:

Yes! You should observe your customer activities and stalking might be good until they don’t know it. No matter what your customer share on his or her tweets, you should never mention it to them ever. This will make your customers feel that their fictitious anonymity on social media has been infracted, and eventually, you will lose a valuable lead.

Protect their data:

Customers are more willing to shop on websites with an SSL certificate. Reason? They feel secure against data leakage. Besides, if you are keeping your customer data secure, your customers will confidently use your services. Credit card masking is an effective feature in this regard. It helps you hide the sensitive payment information about your customers in a live chat.

Inform about Payment options

Most importantly, make sure your chat agents have sufficient information about payment options. They can make this information available even before your website visitors want it. What if after completing a prolonged, daunting payment process, you realize that your retailer website does not accept the payment option you have. People— rather than—going through the whole process, ask the online chat agent about the available payment option.

Make your chat agents well-informed

Your chat agents should know everything about your services. Your customers see them as a guide on your website and if your agent doesn’t know much about your website, then your customers will be appalled. They may also escape from your website and find your competitor.

Don’t brag

Lying to your customers is against business ethics. Customers are blessed with an extra-strong sixth sense; they can sense when you are bragging about your services. This will give a bad impression of your whole brand, no matter how good your services are. In cases, where you don’t know the right solution to your problem, ask your customers to wait till you do your research. Making them wait for a solution is better than steering them towards the wrong way.  

So, these were some of the tips to build up your customer’s trust and help them subdue their fear. Try them for your business chats and feel the difference. If you are busy enough to handle live chat support, you can consider different live chat outsource service providers. If you know some relevant tips too, write them in comments.

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