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Android phones enjoy a clear majority and unmatched in the smartphone market. Naturally, an Android app enjoys the widest exposure if it really can make its app visible and talked about. But, here comes the challenge for most Android apps. While a vast majority of apps fail to make a penny, there are too many apps that became successful albeit no robust marketing budget and no patronage from big brands. Well, to make your app a success with a solid marketing campaign you need to promote your app effectively. Here we are going to explain top popular and time-tested ways to promote your Android app.

  1. Do the basics right

First of all, make sure your app has some unique value proposition to make it saleable. Does your app solve a customer problem in a unique way? Does your app stands out from your competitors in user experience and look and feel? Does your app carry the brand message? Does your app offer something to create a lasting bond with users? All these questions you need to answer way before your app goes to development and all of them are important to boost your marketing effort.

Now, when it comes to ensuring a good presence in the Play Store you need to take a few time-tested measure which is referred as App Store Optimisation. First of all, give your app an attention-grabbing icon and app name that perfectly represents your brand. It must be intuitive, intelligent, meaningful and thoroughly attention grabbing. The second important thing is to offer a keyword optimized app description. Thirdly, you need deck your presence in Play Store with a few high quality screenshots of your app.

  1. Robust online campaign

Creating a deep and robust online presence for an app is a time-tested way to promote your app. Online presence ultimately helps your app marketing to reach a wider audience. With a robust online presence, you can help your app gain quick traction. Let us offer here some of the ways you can create a heavy online presence for your app.

First of all, develop a website for your Android app just months before the launch of your app. Even a single page website will do with contents of the story behind the app, user guide, video description, screenshots, etc.

Make sure your website comes with a highly effective landing page to collect emails and leads.

In your website for the app start a blog with contents on your app and the respective niche.

Open a YouTube channel for your Android app and publish a variety of video contents ranging from the user guide, promotional ones to telling background story about the app. Promote the videos and the respective channel extensively.

  1. Promote Android apps across the stores

These days marketing your new Android app on the target stores is fairly not enough. You need to target multiple channels to make your voice heard. To create buzz and promote the app you need to promote it across various app marketplaces instead of sticking to a single one.

Apart from promoting your app in Google Play Store, you should also publish the app in other top stores like Amazon, Samsung app store, etc. When publishing for different channels makes sure your app perfectly addresses the typical requirements for such stores. It is important to follow different methods to promote Android apps across different stores.

  1. Social media campaign

Yes, any marketing campaign cannot undermine the importance of social media. Any new app marketing team will find social media most cost effective medium to reach a wider audience. But as the social campaign is easy to undertake they are often harder to maintain. This is why you need to focus on a few channels instead of targeting too many.

Before you start your campaign it is advisable to build a community with your website presence. It is particularly beneficial if you can have a website for your app. It is good to comment, engage and to some extent troll with some relevant posts. Focus on building community with influential people from various Android developers and professionals from your niche. Besides having a Facebook page and social account across platforms it is also important to take membership of different relevant groups and make the word out about your app.

  1. Mobile ads

Do you really want your app to get into the top charts? Do you want your app to get audience attention very quickly? Well, in that case just the typical small DIY methods of a campaign may not prove enough. Becoming viral is a matter of sheer chance and a serious business like mobile app just cannot depend on such fringe chances. This is why if you can afford mobile ads they can still push your app the way nothing else can. No, so-called mobile adverts always do not have to be costly.

Mobile ads are a good way to gain quick discoverability and traction. Admob service from Google can be great to design an ad and begin your own promotional campaign. The best thing about this is that it is very easy to start with and it is equipped with sophisticated in-built analytics. With this advert, you can control the unnecessary drainage of spending and optimized reach of the advert.

Lastly, let us share some important pieces of wisdom concerning mobile adverts. First of all, they need to be attention grabbing, visually catchy and cool. It should be clear, straightforward and should offer a clear call to action button. The choice of word for your advert should also be quick attention grabbing. Most important of all your advert should invariably have a call to action that implores people to tap on the button and go to the respective app page in the store.

In a snapshot

Android devices make up the vast majority of mobile devices and naturally an Android app potentially exposed to the widest audience. For last few years, Android as a platform is continuing to rise in popularity and in terms of overall app revenue also offering a tough challenge to rival iOS apps. So, this is actually the right time for Android apps to target more growth and reach.

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Darshan Patel is a Lead SEO Analyst & Storyteller at Nimblechapps – The coolest iOS app development company. He believes in using a variety of strategy to create business’s online presence that delight and deliver.

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