Really Common Home Renovation Mistakes

home decor | Really Common Home Renovation Mistakes | For most homeowners, a large home renovation project is simply traumatic. A lot of money is put into remodeling and the stress of such a project can so easily be too much to handle. According to Fix It Right Plumbing Queanbevan, a kitchen remodel project costs around $22,000. This is not easy money to manage. Combine this with the home renovation mistakes mentioned below and it is easy to understand why the experience can be so stressful. 

Rushing The Renovation Project

Due to many home improvement shows, people think that it is really easy to build a home or finish a renovation project fast. This is not reality. Every single renovation takes time that is needed to plan and thoroughly perform every single needed step. It’s easy to overlook something like a staircase renovation, but it is a vital part of a home that shouldn’t be ignored. Also, unexpected issues can always appear. 

You cannot rush any renovation. Usually, a larger project tends to take 3 to 6 months. Always get proper estimates of the time needed to get something done. 

Improper Team Dynamic

Most renovation projects involve the assembly of a team of professionals. Based on what you do, this can include specialty designers, decorators, contractors, architects and so much more. It is really important to get all the team together during the planning stage. You do not want to end up working with someone and then figure out the fact that your budget is not enough. As you assemble the team fast and you allow people to work together, issues are reduced and can minimize how many problems appear later on. 

Not Taking Your Gut Into Account

You should always do your own homework and talk with different contractors and professionals you consider hiring. Just because there was a wonderful working relationship established with someone else does not mean that this will be the case with you. Meet the contractors and do trust your gut since this is a really good indicator of whether or not the project will run as smoothly as it should. 


It is really important to properly communicate with everyone involved in the home renovation project. Any large work done on your home has issues that have to be tackled. Without proper communication, many things can go wrong. This does include communications with your partner and much more than that. 

The Belief You Are The Ultimate Authority On Any Matter

As a homeowner, it is normal to want things done in a specific way. You want a specific result but this does not mean that you can do anything you want. You can be inspired by boards on Pinterest but they do not act as a valid information source. The home improvement shows make matters worse as they often paint the image of “anything is possible”.

Remember that there is a huge difference between you choosing something that you really like and choosing something that is going to perform in an appropriate way. There is a reason why people need to hire professional designers and interior decorators. They have the knowledge that you lack and their advice needs to be taken into account at all times.

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