Glass Extensions for your Home

glass_extensions | If you are looking for a nice idea to decorate your house, glass extensions are the best. Modern glass constructions are made of durable and thick glass panels. At our website, you can find inspiration from already completed projects. Take a look at striking design ideas, choose one that you like or come up with your own unique idea. We provide bespoke glass extensions in London and all over the UK. Our glass is of the highest quality and created to last for ages. If you are looking for a contemporary idea to add a nice touch to your property, we are ready to help you.

A lot of people would like to use glass in their home interior and exterior design. However, not everyone thinks that glass is a safe material. We would like to ensure you that we are manufacturing, supplying and installing exceptionally high-quality glass that lasts for ages. Its great properties allow the owners of properties to enjoy a cool summer and a warm winter without spending much money on using air conditioners and radiators.

Beautiful And Practical Glass Extensions

Frameless glass extensions are widely used in modern homes. Glass in not only a beautiful material that has such properties as heat, chemical and breakage resistance but the ability to turn old properties into new, makes them look bigger and brighter.

Glass is a very practical material. With the help of glass panels, our designers create bespoke glass extensions making homes look spacious. If you bought a house but it doesn’t have a conservatory where you would relax and enjoy a cup of tea, a glass extension is what you need. Whether you want to buy a property or already own a property that lacks a little bit of space, we would advise you to consider modern glass extensions.

If you have always been dreaming of living in a spacious and sun-filled building, your dream can come true. Glass extensions are the best for adding space. Glass panels that are put together to create walls and a roof increase space and improve home life.

Contemporary Glass Extension Ideas

We have successfully completed a big number of glass extension projects in London and other locations in the UK. Glass extensions are often build as conservatories instead of traditional white conservatives. Also, glass panels are often used for extending kitchens.

Frameless glass extensions enhance the sense of height, open fantastic views that are usually hidden behind brick or concrete walls and achieve a relaxed feel. Modern frameless glass structures look really great together with brick homes. A combination of old and new looks outstanding.

Maximize views and build a house of your dream using bespoke glass extensions. Enjoy your garden, relax in sun rays that come through the glass, watch the rain, snowfall and a night sky full of stars.

We will help you to choose the size and the shape of glass construction to suit the building. Whether you dream of having a terrace with a beautiful view of the garden or a spacious kitchen, glass is the best material to implement your dreams into a reality.


Contemporary glass extensions will complement the interior and exterior design of your property. With such a construction, your house will stand out. You will also be able to sell it for a much higher price since a lot of people dream of buying a home with big glass windows especially in kitchen or terrace.

We supply and install glass extensions in London and other cities all over the UK. Get a professional consultation and expert advice on using glass in your property design. We are glazing experts and know what glass extension will suit your building. We have years of experience. Our products are of the highest quality which guarantees our customers’ satisfaction.

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