Construction Accidents in NYC: What you need to know

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Negosentro.comConstruction Accidents in NYC: what you need to knowData from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that in 2019, the construction industry remained the most accident prone in New York City. Further statistics revealed that falls were the leading cause of construction accidents in the city. The above-mentioned statistics are, indeed, alarming, considering that real estate is a major industry and a big contributor to not only the city, but also the country’s economy. The rising concern of workplace accidents among construction employees in NYC deems it essential for construction site managers to put in place protection measures to take care of personnel. Without such measures, they risk having lawsuits and compensation claims. Learn on more about construction accidents and the actions to take in the event of being a victim to such.

Leading Sources of Construction Accidents

To begin with, it’s worth noting that most construction site accidents in NYC are preventable. If the right preventive measures are put in place, it is possible to avoid the rising prevalence of fatal accidents and even death. The major cause of construction accident in NYC is falls. In fact, statistics highlight that falls contribute up to 58% of construction accident deaths in NYC. It’s unfortunate that this trend has become so common among site workers. Without appropriate tools and gear, workers are exposed to high dangers of serious harm. A further leading cause of workplace accidents in construction sites is being struck by falling items. This accounts for 8% of construction-related accidents. Items falling from a tall building can cause serious harm on the victim, based on the nature of the object and the intensity of force it carries. Electrocution is yet another serious cause of construction accident in NYC. Electricity carries a great deal of significance in construction work but, unfortunately, it accounts for 7% of construction injuries. Unsafe wiring can cause severe injuries and even death as a result of electrocution. The fact that construction accidents are a major scare to construction personnel in NYC means that are factors triggering their susceptibility.

Why Construction-Related Accidents are high in NYC

There are several reasons that make construction accidents in NYC prevalent. To begin with, the complicated nature of most of the buildings in NYC is a point of susceptibility that poses a huge risk to construction personnel and even to passers-by. The buildings are very tall and they are constructed on a hurried schedule. This is, definitely, a reason to have a high rate of susceptibility of construction-related injury. Also, the city is experiencing an increase in the number of buildings under construction, meaning that if proper preventive measures are adhered to, accidents will be on a continual rise. Additionally, the shortage of skilled labor is a major concern for the city’s construction business. This results to some construction workforce working for long hours as well as contractors hiring a less qualified workforce. This trend is extremely dangerous since it increases the prevalence of accidents. With the high risk of workplace accidents among construction personnel, a New York construction accident lawyer comes in handy to give legal help to victims following up on accident claims.

Contacting a Lawyer In The Event Of a Construction-related Accident

It will be a prudent move for you to contact a NY attorney in the event of you being a victim of a construction-related injury. Most of these accidents are as a result of violations of vital protection standards or negligence by contractors, machine operators, and building owners. For this reason, they are legally responsible for the injuries sustained by construction staff. Contractors and employers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of all their employees; thus, they have to offer compensations for accident claims brought before them. If you or a loved one gets involved in an accident while at a building site, the wise thing should be to get in touch with a NY construction accidents lawyer to handle the legal processes that ensue. The NY attorney will advice you on the best way forward in claiming compensations for your injuries. Given the expertise of NY lawyers regarding the accident claims involved in workplace accidents, you can rely on them to give you the required legal representation.


NYC has proven to be an ever-growing residential and commercial environment and, for this reason, construction workers should be protected from workplace injuries. Contractors, site managers, and machine operators have a legal responsibility to protect their employees at all costs. They should offer personnel guidance and provide safety gear to reduce the prevalence of injuries. Failure to do this will only attract tough and costly legal implications.

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