Practical Fashion Tips For Plus Size Girls That Really Work


Juanita Gomez, Negosentro | Even though the world of fashion tips and style seems to be dominated by girls who are thin, there is absolutely no reason for those who are blessed with curves to despair. Some hot tips for you to follow and look good:

Choose Outfits That Flatter You

When you are blessed with a lot of curves, it becomes really important for you to take into account your size when dressing up. You need to appreciate that trying to hide in oversized clothes does not work and on the contrary, makes you look shapeless and frumpy. Instead, opt for clothes that will fit properly so as to highlight the right angles of your body and downplay the areas that are problematic. According to experts, your appearance can be altered significantly by judicious styling effects. It is best to select clothes made from comfortable fabrics that fit in such a way that the slimmer portions of your body are highlighted to make you look graceful.

Select the Right Detailing and Accessories

The print design of the fabric can significantly alter the way you look, for example, by choosing vertical prints; you can look slimmer and taller. To make your waist look smaller, you can try out diagonal prints that work very well in virtually all colors. Choose stripes that are thinner as you will look svelter; lighter colored stripes against dark backgrounds also work better than the other way around.

Wearing your hair in a ponytail can work wonders; if your hair isn’t long enough, try a clip in ponytail to make up. If you are heavy around the waist, you can try and experiment with broad belts that will assist in defining your waist and highlight your curves. Make sure that the belt goes well with the color and print of your outfit. Resist the urge to tighten the belt too much to make your waist look slimmer; all you would do is to end up making a fat bulge that looks very ugly.

Use Color to Your Advantage

While monochrome dressing has always been a popular technique for looking slim, wearing random pieces, even in the same color can look quite sloppy. Instead, add an item that has a completely different texture or even use a color accessory to look slim and elegant. Nudes also work well, but make sure it is different from your actual skin color to avoid confusing people. Wearing even really vibrant colors is perfectly okay if you make sure that the fit and the cut flatters your shape. If you are not confident about going the whole hog with dark colors, you can start by adding accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.; however, you need to make sure that they are not disproportionate to your size.


Just because you have more bulk than the average model walking the ramp, it does not mean that you cannot look fashionable. A careful selection of both your attire and accessories can transform a shapeless dowdy look into something that is really appealing.

Author Bio: Juanita Gomez is a leading stylist and fashion consultant. According to her, a clip in ponytail has worked superbly for an image makeover for many heavy girls.

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