3 Important Elements of Recovery from an Addiction Problem

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Terrence Ungria, Negosentro | Women recovering from addiction face a lot of obstacles. It is not a matter of just kicking the habit and assuming that you will be okay the next day. It takes time to completely kick that particular addiction away. And like they say, ‘addiction is a family problem; if one person is caught up, the entire family suffers’.

Whether you or someone you love is on the process of addiction recovery, this post is a definite good read for you. Here are 3 important elements that you need to know about the total addiction recovery process. Please read on…

  • The physical element–The very first and most critical aspect to addiction recovery will be getting the drugs and/or alcohol out of the patient’s system. It is very important to cleanse the body and help the patient get back to a state of normalcy. However, as the recovering addict, you (or your loved one) will be dealing with issues of physical compulsions that might tempt you to go back to using.

However, you have to find an addiction expert/ therapist to help you resist such temptation and focus on recovery and staying clean.

  • The psychological element –Some recovering addicts struggle with keeping the mind right. In most cases, it is difficult to retrain the brain, the mind and the body to live without the substance (substances). And because people recovering from an addiction problem want to recover but still have challenges trying to focus on the process, you (or your loved one) will need the attention of a professional.

Good news is, there are good and qualified therapists who will help you recover not just physically but also mentally. All you need to do is get in touch with addiction recovery institutions and begin your journey to sobriety.  


  • The spiritual element – Just like the body and the mind, the spirit too contributes a whole lot to addiction recover. And even though most people will overlook this element, one’s spiritual life is unswervingly affected by addiction. Helping such a person regain some sense of spirituality is a strong weapon that you or your loved ones can use to combat any relapse.

Experts in the game like Bridging The Barriers have shown that people who develop and nurture their spiritual element navigate through the storms of addiction recovery fast. All you need is a specialist who has a rich history and depth of experience in addiction and addiction recovery to hold your hand through every step of the way.

At the end of the day, recovering from an addiction is not as simple as most people think. It involves the three elements mentioned above; the physical, the mental and the spiritual. As a recovering addict or as someone who is caring for a recovering addict, it is important to understand how the addiction is affecting the body, the mind and the spirit. It is only then that you will know how to devotedly work through the recovery process.

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