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Negosentro | Your business is, you know, your business, but you could always use some help getting it off the ground. There are a million and one things that have to be accomplished in order to have a successful business and you can’t be expected to be an expert in all of them. No one is.

That’s why large companies have engineering departments and finance departments and compliance departments and marketing departments and legal departments and so on and so on. Why should your business be any different just because it’s small or just getting started? It’s not.

If you’re in business to be a social entrepreneur to become a catalyst for change, that’s your passion and purpose. In the pursuit of that purpose, you probably need to talk to a lot of people on the phone without having to waste your time building the phone. You’re not in business to build phones, you just buy them and use them to grow your own business.

One of the other things you’re not in business to do is take professional studio portraits of you and your staff even though you need those pictures as much as you need your phone.

Writers Are Not Artists

To see what we mean, take a look at the cover art on these children’s books. It’s a dead cinch the writers didn’t create those covers. Most writers, however good they may be at writing, are horrible artists. They’re doing good if they can draw a stick figure, let alone something like that.

The cover art on a book tells you a lot about the book inside it. Children will be captivated by the bright colors and images. You’ll be able to tell if it’s too dark and scary for your child or if it’s a light, whimsical tale your kids will love. Either way, you’re judging a book by its cover before you ever pick it up, open it, or buy it.

These are good examples of cover art and each one of them probably cost the writers well over $500 before the book ever went on sale. If it draws people to buy their book though, it was worth it to them.

Visual Content Is Required

If you’re in business you need a website and you need to be on social media. Business to business marketing trends requires the use of visual content, especially if you’re focusing on being a supplier for other companies. Like the novelist above though, you’re going to need help creating that content.

That means you’ll need the services of a company such as JA Headshots. They have professional photographers on staff with completely outfitted studios for taking all the headshot pictures you’ll need for your website and social media. The photographers will sit down with you to determine how you want your brand represented, then turn that vision into a reality with the right colors, the right clothes, lighting, background, and poses that will present your company in an exciting way that will draw people’s attention as soon as they see the finished pictures on your social media.

Why Not Save Some Money Doing It Yourself?

DIY is a concept that has been growing in popularity for years. In many circumstances, it’s a great idea. You can save money and get a project done the way you want it without worrying about getting overcharged or hating the final product.

Pictures are different though, particularly when it’s a headshot of you and other people in your company. The differences between an amateur picture and a professionally taken picture is the difference between night and day.

Most people take pictures with their smartphones and it shows. There are no finishing retouches, the shadows are wrong or the colors are washed out by the sun. There might be a glare on the person’s forehead or some blurring because the digital cameras on smartphones aren’t fast enough to capture motion.

Professional photographers know how to adjust the contrast in a picture. They have experience posing people to hide their imperfections (we all have them) and angling the light to emphasize their good points (we all have those too). Taking pictures is their business just like your business is your business.

Success Has To Be Worked For

Success is not free. It has to be earned through a lot of hard work. Don’t add to your workload by doing something it would be easier to hire someone else to do. If the headshots draw in more people to your business, it will be worth it.

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