How Kheng Ly is Single-Handedly Defining the Canadian Architecture Scene

Kheng Ly
Arch. Kheng Ly (Photo: Kheng Ly Blog)

Amongst the many accolades, Kheng Ly is described as a visionary who has the architectural foresight and skills to create vibrant and connected urban living spaces.

The president and CEO of Brivia Group, Kheng Ly, is the man behind the largest residential project in downtown Montreal and his company is building up an impressive portfolio of urban projects with him at the helm.

Here is a brief overview of the man himself and how he has got to where he is today, plus a look at the impact that Kheng Ly is having with his urban lifestyle projects that have created such a stir in the Canadian architecture scene.

From his arrival as a teenager to becoming a pillar of Canadian society

Kheng Ly arrived in Montreal with his parents with empty pockets and a strong work ethic and started doing a variety of jobs to bring money in, working in the textile industry before starting his own textile company.

That gave him the foundation and platform to transform himself into a real estate developer and if you fast-forward from his arrival in 1998 to 2012, this is the year that the Brivia Group was created.

His company gained an enviable reputation for design with his YUL condominiums, which set new boundaries with its unique structural concept.

Kheng Ly is a committed philanthropist and gives back to society in many ways, including fulfilling his vision to promote quality living in all communities.

An impressive portfolio

Brivia Group is now regarded as a major player in the Montreal real estate market and the mantra behind the success of the company is to undertake large-scale projects that serve a worthy purpose in revitalizing the neighborhood as well as advertising the claims of Montreal as a vibrant city on the international stage.

YUL is the largest residential project in downtown Montreal and Kheng Ly has also overseen the development of Innova Condos and C3 Cavendish, together with Stanbrooke, all of them, developments that are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the area and improve community living.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental concerns are a major topic of conversation in real estate circles and developments need to have the present as well as the future impact of the buildings firmly in mind.

The YUL condominiums were recently awarded the Energir Award for better use of natural gas and that provides some sort of insight into how Brivia take their environmental responsibilities seriously.

A space for everyone

One of the fundamental reasons why Kheng Ly and his company have risen to such a prominent position in Canadian architectural circles is because the designs for their developments aim to encourage social cohesion and coexistence.

Montreal regards itself as a city of the future and that means it is trying to tick all of the right boxes in terms of economic, social and technological aspects.

If it can achieve these aims it will be considered an attractive place to live for current and future generations and that is the vision that is driving Kheng Ly to take his company to new architectural heights.

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