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Online contests have become common nowadays especially on social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. It is the most convenient way to promote or share an event within a group of people. The format of these contests is quite similar i.e. the event holder invites entries from participators and chooses the winner via popular vote. Thus votes play an important role in winning any online contest. There are some online companies also from where you can buy fast contest votes. You can also apply different methodologies to get votes for contest.


Other ways to get contest votes:



  • Friends and family members:-


If you do not want to spend money on buying contest votes then you can seek help from your family members and trustworthy friends. You can also ask neighbors and members of your community to vote for you. Your followers can also aid you in winning an online contest.


  • List of endorsers:-


If you are running a website then you can contact your endorsers to support you.  You can make a list of endorsers and send them a voting request. This method can also help you in gathering many votes for your contest.


  • Algorithmically generated news feeds:-


There are some social media such as Facebook who have started algorithmically generated news feeds which do not display the user’s content in a sequential order. The users can modify the order of post according to their favorites and preferences. However, there can also be misuse of this technique by charging money from creators to display their posts at the top of timeline.



The chances of winning can be increased by purchasing votes online from the votes selling company. If you will pay more money, then company will provide you more number of votes. There are some companies that offer votes not only for social media contest but also for email sign-ups, PollDaddy, Wavo, Woobox or other online contests.

You might be thinking how such votes can look genuine. This is possible because companies have set up clever workflows that prevent spam detection and automatic refusal of votes. Moreover, company sends each and every vote from a specific IP address so that it does not appear fake. The online vote service providers process the votes in small batches to develop popularity in a natural manner. There are many benefits of purchasing votes for contest such as


  • Peace of mind:-


Buying contest votes will ensure your win thus you will have a peace of mind. Moreover, company will also offer you money back guarantee if votes are not delivered on time so you do not have to worry about financial loss.


  • Fame:-


People do hard work to achieve name and fame in their life and it takes many years for getting it. On the other hand, a large number of votes will make you popular in few days with minimal efforts.


  • Friend circle:-


When you will get votes in huge quantity then more number of people will become your friends. Thus purchasing vote will also aid you in enlarging your friend circle.

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