Modern Entertainment: What Features You Need to Look For When Choosing the Right Entertainment Package

Modern Entertainment connect_gadget_to_tv

The way we consume television is changing. A one-size-fits all approach to entertainment packages no longer delivers the level of customization that customers have come to expect from their provider. We all have our favorite TV shows, sports and streaming service, and we expect to pay for what we need and nothing more.

On the bright side, TV providers are now offering more choice than ever before. The cost of basic cable is low, with no frills packages among the most popular and affordable, but there are also a host of additional bundles available for families, sports lovers, movie lovers and HD packages for those that want the optimum viewing experience.

These are the things to consider when choosing an entertainment package to ensure you get the best deal available and find the right package for your entertainment needs.

Included TV Channels

The best place to start is with the TV channels on offer. Many services will break down their television offerings into categories like sports, movies and family. Your preferred channels, interests and budget will likely influence your TV package decision. If you aren’t sure, don’t worry, many providers offer some degree of flexibility and allow you to add additional channels at a later date.


Some channels are usually considered premium channels. HBO, for example, is often considered a premium channel and will require an additional subscription to view. If these are essential channels, ensure you have told your service provider you wish to add these premium subscriptions to your package.

Internet Services

Many entertainment packages come with internet access. Internet service speed will depend on the package. It is possible to negotiate higher internet speed with your package to give your household the best internet connection. If internet is not important, the standard internet may be the best option.

Telephone Services

Landlines are something of a dying breed, but some buyers still use them and want them included in their entertainment packages. There are also bundles available that offer discounted to international calls. If you regularly make phone calls abroad, this may be something to consider adding to your package.

Customer Service

When choosing your TV package provider, it is a good idea to inquire about their customer service. If you have a problem that needs fixing, you will have to deal with the customer service representatives, so it may be worth finding a provider with exception customer service. The American Customer Satisfaction Index rates a number of entertainment and television providers on their customer satisfaction scores.

Additional Fees

It is important you are aware of the full cost of any package before you sign on the dotted line. That means understanding and being aware of any renewal fees, fees for additional equipment and unreturned equipment fees, installation charges, change of service charges, payment processing charges and late payment fees.

Only once you have all the information on your chosen package should you make a decision. After you enter into a contract, if you find something you were not expecting and do not like, it can be costly to break the contract prematurely.