Best Office Games for 2019

Best Office Games

Best Office Games for 2019 | A happy team works better; that has been proven time and again. The best way to get a happy team is to break from work for a short while and concentrate on something else. Playing games isn’t just fun; its also a way of focusing on something different, breaking completely from work and having a lot of fun at the same time. There are lots of different games you can play, but our research has turned up some of the very best.

Top Office Games 2019:

With so many games to choose from, why not start with these?

Uno Emoji:

We’ve all used an emoji or two when we text or in a social media post and, while it might not be a professional practice, it is fun, and there is a way to use them in your workplace – the Uno Emoji card game. You play it the same way as standard Uno but with a slight difference – you have to make the emoji expression on the card and hold it for 30 seconds. Twice, to be fair because you get two turns at it. It’s a lot of fun, is for up to 10 players and can be purchased from Amazon for just $5.

Classic Twister:

Twister is a classic game, and it is great for a bit of downtime at the office, especially those where the dress code is more relaxed. One vinyl mat, 24 circles, four different colors – all you have to do is spin the spinner and put a free foot or hand on the corresponding colored circle. Not as easy as it sounds but a whole heap of fun; Twister can be purchased from Amazon for just $15.

Minecraft PE:

Last but not least, we have Minecraft PE. A solo game, this is ideal when you just a 10-minute break from your own work. Played on your mobile phone, Minecraft PE offers a whole heap of addictive fun, and you can download it using a 3rd-party app installer called ACMarket Store – for more details and a  download guide, click the link.

Desktop Skill Ball:

If you love playing the full-size skill ball at the arcade, you’ll love the desktop version. It needs a little space, measuring 20x10x15 inches,  so maybe head for the break room to play it. It is a fully functional game with a ball launcher, two stainless steel balls, and automatic ball return and is made from hardwood. For just $25 from Amazon, you can purchase the ultimate in office gaming.

Document Dunk:

Sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying than tossing things around; its great for blowing off steam, but it doesn’t always go down too well in the workplace. Get your team a Document Dunk, and you can throw whatever you want, so long as it is paper. A wooden base, a 2.5 ft tall post, and a net are the perfect ensemble for you and your workmates to let off steam and even get competitive. It folds away when you don’t need it; all you have to do is provide the trashcan. Document Dunk costs $20 from Amazon.

American Legend Charger Foosball Table:

Foosball is a top game, hours of fun, and the perfect way to take a break from work. Set it up in the break room and start a competition between teams. With an internal ball return and abacus scoring, Foosball offers an easy and entertaining way to have some fun at work and can be purchased from Amazon for just $150.

Micro Bean Bag Toss:

Outdoor fun in the office, Micro Bean Bag Toss is a small game with two boards and eight bags.  The game is a miniature version of the outdoor game, and all you have to do is get the bag in the hole. Harder than it sounds but a whole lot of fun and a great way to take a break, Micro Bean Bag Toss will set you back just $26 from Amazon.

Mini Magnetic Desktop Dartboard:

Most of us know how much fun a full-sized dartboard can be and now you can take that fun to the office with a mini dartboard. Find the Minecraft hosting from the reputed company that provides you best experience. The darts have magnetic tips so you won’t be in any danger of them going astray; the dartboard is just 4.5×5 inches and folds flat when not in use; you can pick it from Amazon for around $10.

Elite Hookey Ring Toss Game:

Known as Hookey in Ireland or Ring Toss in Australia, this is a safe but fun game to play in the office. All you do is toss soft rubber rings at 13 hooks on a 12.8-inch board and keep score according to the number on the hook. Anyone can play this, and it costs just $35 from Amazon.

Take your pick; any one of these games can while away some much-needed break time, be it solo or in a team. Give them a go, and you’ll find your workers are much more productive.

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