Online Presence, Sales and the Need for Keywords [Infographic]


Kevin Burgos, Negosentro | In the digital age, it’s extremely important that businesses and brands establish their online presence, which can range from social media accounts, eCommerce platform account(s), to even full-blown standalone websites which can also include features such as an integrated social media feed and its own online store. Having an online presence nowadays play a major role in expanding a business’ market reach, as well as giving the customers a specific place they can check out for inquiries or ways to contact the business.

But while it’s true that having an established online presence is a great way for your business to improve on its market reach and sales, it’s also doubly true that having an online presence isn’t the sole deciding factor into guaranteeing that your business will reap the true benefits mentioned. There are still a lot of other aspects to think of, such as appearance and format, user and mobile optimization, and keywords.

Keywords are words or phrases that define what the content in a page of a website is all about, usually in a phrase format of at least two words. They are what your target market would enter in search engines like Google and Yahoo! when they are looking for information about the product or service that is similar to what you are offering them.

When used properly, keyword-optimized pages can result in better search results and increase traffic to an online store, mainly because people are finding you in the right moment and under the right criteria. After all, people who search for something want to be directed to pages that are the most relevant to their concerns, and having keyword-optimized pages will help greatly with that. The phrases that you choose for your web pages should be relevant to the content, so they would pop up as relevant searches for the keywords that your target market is searching for.

Here are the key benefits of using the right keywords to boost your online sales, as presented in this infographic by Healthy Business Builder.