7 Tips for Hiring Hospitality Staff (or from any Industry!) from Social Media


Greg Normandy, Negosentro |  As a manager in the highly complex, fast-moving and ever more competitive world of hospitality, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of your staff. The very definition of hospitality is the friendly service and entertainment of your patrons — and the very people who will be delivering that service to your patrons are your staff.

Delivering top-notch hospitality requires excellent communication, commitment, training, teamwork, personality — and so much more. While it sounds obvious, the key to getting the right people and then managing hospitality staff effectively is to recruit them well in the first place.

Typically, hiring hospitality staff involves getting the job description spot-on, perfecting the interview process and committing to carrying out the right checks.

But too many hospitality staff recruiters are ignoring a major modern tool that is right under their nose: social media.

These days, the average person spends more time checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other personal social media outlets than they do eating, drinking or actually socializing.

And, pretty much every business uses social media in one way or another. But in this article, we want to show you that social media is also a modern and indispensable hospitality staff recruitment tool.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Be Where Your Staff of The Future Are

In 2017, the most popular social media outlets are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, with over 4 billion (yes, billion) users combined. So if you use them as part of your recruiting process, you’re maximizing your chance of reaching the people you want and need to reach.

  1. Use Social Media’s Speed

The world of hospitality is highly competitive, turnover is high and staff retention is a challenge. This effectively makes getting in touch with the best potential employees a race — and if posting a traditional ad is a snail, social media is a Formula 1 car. Social media can be used to quickly find, research and make contact with a candidate, and speed them into your interview process and beyond.

  1. Drive The Two-Way Street of Engagement

Another key benefit of social media is that, unlike other communication channels, it’s not a one-way street. Many hospitality businesses use social media as a recruitment ‘hang out’ space, where potential and current staff can share stories, videos and experiences and get questions quickly and honestly answered. It’s good not only for staff recruitment, but maintaining employee motivation as well.

  1. Filter Out The Quality

While social media is a welcome relief valve for many people, it’s important to realise that everyone is watching what you do as well. That’s because social media is being used by savvy recruiters to get an instant idea of what a potential candidate is like, and whether they’d fit in well with the advertised position.

Just remember that while you are allowed to get an idea of what someone is like based on their social media profiles, you’re not allowed to discriminate based on things like gender or race and it’s never a good idea to make snap judgement in isolation.

  1. Save Your Pennies

In any business industry, time is money — and that means time wasted in the recruitment process is very expensive. But the big benefit of social media is that things can not only be done quickly, but at an extraordinarily low cost or even completely for free.

  1. Enhance Your Image

Never forget that just as your patrons are visiting your public social media profiles to read your reviews and get an impression of whether you’re worth visiting, your potential staff are checking up on you too — but for a different reason. Using social media for recruitment is not just about discussing the benefits of working for you, but providing a platform for things like the real-time sharing of employee success stories.

  1. Learn by Listening

Being proactive is a big part of your social media recruitment strategy, but it’s also important to just sit back and learn. Creating a special social space for recruitment will be frequented by current, past and potential future staff members, and what they have to say can be incredibly instrumental and actionable feedback.

Social media as the ultimate modern recruitment tool.

Savvy businesses and managers in 2017 are coming to the conclusion that the greatest recruitment power is to connect — and social media is well on the road to hooking up the entire world of current and potential hospitality staff.

So whether it’s wait staff, cooks or executives, social media can help hospitality businesses find the right people —  and the good news is that it’s not too late to get started.