How to Create a Stellar Personal Brand?


Tommy Jones, Negosentro |  In a booming digital age, every individual is potentially a brand. Like it or not, how others perceive you has a great impact on your career success and growth. It is much better to shape these notions yourself that to let them form in a haphazard manner.  

Of course, it takes much time and effort to build a solid brand, but this endeavor pays dividends in the long run. Your prime goal should be to cut through the noise and set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd: It is uniqueness that draws people to what you have to say or what you offer.

Every person a brand

Gone are the days when the term brand was attached only to business organizations. Moreover, personal branding is not just for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners. Anyone can profit from communicating ideas over the internet. Namely, branding is something that makes you stand out from a slew of other candidates for a job position.  

Besides, there is a multitude of way to monetize your popularity or reputation in the cyber realm. To get there, however, you have to increase your exposure and visibility. Embrace a planned approach to cultivating your image. Identify the online channels that hold the most promise in terms of engaging the audience and clientele. Secure a personal domain name, the cornerstone of your branding efforts.

The focal point

Think of personal branding as a proactive strategy of developing professionally, polishing the lenses through which others look at you. It is no longer a question IF you have a brand, but whether you want to actively foster it. It all starts with a specific mindset, the driving force behind branding. Take notes from people who have built great personal brands, such as Dave Carroll and John Bates.

In a nutshell, you need to build a swell brand around your person, passions, and career. So, think about your unique skills, traits, values, and interests, focusing on your strengths and unique characteristics. Do not imitate what others are doing, but keep an eye on trends and fads. Be genuine, not an impostor and produce real value. Find your own style and let your persona fully shine.

Naturally, you have to establish a strong online presence and choose your virtual platform. This can be a website, blog, or social media account (s). Before that, though, audit your current presence by Googling your own name. Also, as experts from Seomator point out, it would be a good idea to get into the basics of SEO and improve your search engine ranking. This will significantly boost your visibility and drive more internet traffic your way.

Tricks of the trade

Furthermore, strive to carve a niche and offer unique angles on popular topics. Learn to listen and soak in people’s feedback. Be helpful and provide solutions for practical problems. Share your insights and knowledge via quality content. Come up with a content strategy and utilize articles, videos, images, and infographics to your advantage. Note that emotional appeal attracts people, not just some facts and figures you come up with.

Finally, bear in mind that success and public image are not set in stone. Thus, never stop learning and improving yourself. Always prioritize authenticity, which is the key to success in the saturated and crowded online world. Leave digital footprints in the sands of the internet, traces that others will be enticed to follow. Get ahead of the pack and rise above the noise of the average and mundane out there.

Time to step up the game  

To forge an exceptional brand, speak with a distinctive voice and be a good storyteller.  Select the right tools to spread brand awareness and your messages. Think about what you have to offer that others cannot. Let others know who you are and what you stand for. You will be able to assume a better position in the job market, land a promotion, become a leader, or achieve another business goal. The need for personal branding is only going to increase, so get the show on the road.