New Technology in This New Generation

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Today’s new technology aims to keep up with the needs and wants of the new generation. It should also be able to accomplish what is needed to be done, but still be efficient and be concerned with the state of the environment. It need not be complicated or make use of harmful chemicals that may also harm the users or create damage around the environment. What is the different new technology in common home appliances?


The premium AG + CU Nano Filter is the new technology in the best refrigerators in the market today. When the AG + CU Nano Filter new technology is paired with the Plasmacluster Ion Technology, your refrigerator will be able to keep your food fresh longer.

The J-Tech Inverter is also a new trend in refrigerators. The Japanese new technology makes the refrigerator cost-efficient while staying environmentally friendly.


The new technology now in air conditioners is the plasmacluster ion technology. With this, airconditioners now will not only keep your home cool and comfortable, but they can also eliminate bacteria, viruses, allergens, mold, and odor suspended in the air around your environment.

Electric fans

Aside from air conditioners, electric fans are also great home appliances that you should have to keep your home cool and comfortable, especially during the sunny season.

With the V-Zero Plastic Material that is fire-retardant, created to prevent overheating and to prevent the fire from spreading, this new technology in electric fans will assure you and your family both comfort and safety.

Washing Machine

The new technology in washing machines now offers holeless tubs which ensure you that your clothes are protected from molds and tears when you wash.

Here at Sharp, we deliver only the best and the new technology in every home appliance that we craft. We make sure that our appliances keep up with the trends, and with what you need in your home because you are now part of the Sharp family.

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