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With the improvement in digitalization, it is essential that the sharing capabilities also increase as we need more space to store data. All the files, whether large or small-sized need space as common file sizes is increasing in number. Although hard disks store sufficient data yet they are inconvenient and expensive.

In such a case, having an alternative for data storage is a must. There are several online file storage services that are easy to access not just via PC but also smartphones, tablets, and other electronic gadgets.

With the availability of these storages, not only can you access them whenever you want but they’ll be in the most up to date condition as you want. There are variations in these storages devices. Some are extremely user-friendly whereas some require advanced customization within the storage.

Let’s discuss some of these storages.


Being one of the first storages, Carbonite is an online backup service used by windows and Mac users to store documents, music, photos and emails. It is known for offering unlimited space at a fixed price. It has been honored as the “Best windows backup tool” .

Carbonite is extremely affordable at the price of $59 provided it gives you the perks of having unlimited storage space. It immediately starts backing up data after the installation and lets you restore and access data whenever and wherever you wish to. Carbonite lets you access these files through mobiles too.


Like other storages, Sugarsync too offers unlimited storage space at different prices depending upon the storage you want. It provides you storage from 5 GB to 500 GB ar $39/per month. The uniqueness of Sugarsync is defined by the emphasis it puts on mobile accessibility. This quality makes it different from other storages.

Another special feature about SugarSync is that it immediately notifies all the devices connected to about any changes made in the files or documents. This can be highly beneficial for students of online colleges who have a high number of files that they need to access.


Although Dropbox’s features are quite similar to other storages, yet it is known as the best online file storage till now. Dropbox creates a single folder across all the devices a user has and backs up all the information in that single folder. The fees for Dropbox is quite similar too. The first 2 GB are free. Other storage capacity packages start from 50 GB for $9.99/month. More storage is available for higher capacity such as 1TB.

Dropbox’s unique feature  is that once you recommend it to a friend and they install it, you get additional space for free. This feature of Dropbox makes it the most popular and best storage to use.

Also, you can access your files on Dropbox’s website and share dropbox folders with your friends and family instead of sending individual files one at a time and wasting time.


Mozy, created in 2005, is the oldest storage. It offers both office and home storage solutions and the price depends on the space that is used. It also provides free 2GB, which is not very helpful to you as the hard disks in your computer  come up with 500GB storage already.

Mozy is known for its security as the storage centers are ISO certified. Mozy empowered it’s quality by adding a feature, Mozy Stash, that syncs the files automatically to storage space and lets you access data from multiple computers.

Like other storage devices too, mozy lets you access data via cell phones.

Just Cloud

Like other storage devices, Just Cloud is another popular service that lets you upload and store data and access it from any device. Just cloud ensures reliability and security.

A unique feature of Just Cloud is that it gives you a discount if you click the “ secret link” on the extreme bottom left of its page.

It is the newest of all storages but it’s easiness and simplicity is making it highly usable and popular amongst users.

Whether you’re an online university student or a professional in corporate, these storages will be highly beneficial for your easy work and management.

Apart from online file storages, there are also few cloud storages that are quite distinctive but perform the same activity,i.e., Store data.

How are the cloud storage services helpful?

The range of features in all popular storages are outstanding. Storage like Spideroak is known for its security. Sugarsync and Dropbox are popular for their files synchronization whereas, Google drive is famous for its facilities like document editing, device-syncing and media-playing.

If you’re looking forward to having cloud storages, the best ones that ensure security, high storage and unique features are mentioned below-

  •  IDrive
  •  Google Drive
  •  Box
  •  Microsoft OneDrive
  • Apple iCloud Drive

It is essential that you choose theonline file storageservice that fulfills your requirements in the best way and is affordable for you. Every storage has its uniqueness and offers that will provide you the best storage and easily help you store and manage data.

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