Manual or Electronic: Which Type of Locking System is Best for Your Business?


Tim Brown, Negosentro |  Any decent door hardware and key system can provide just enough security for many applications, but when it comes to securing your business; there are certain considerations you’ll want to make when deciding the best choice of locking system to go for.

While manual locking systems have traditionally been a reliable option for many applications, their electronic cousins are now a fairly popular option for many users. Choosing the right locking system for your business between the two options requires that you carefully weigh the pros and cons of each with regards to your business’ security needs. To help you find the best fit, here is some help.

Keyless access = convenience

A manual locking system means that every one of your employees must have a copy of the key for each door they need to gain access to. This can be downright inconvenient for a business with many doors that employees have to use. Worse still, keys can get lost and this can easily compromise the security of your business.

In this regard, an electronic door hardware can provide valuable advantages as part of your business’ electronic access control system. This would involve using mobile devices, key cards or biometrics – whichever works for you.

For more convenience, you could opt for a custom personal identification number (PIN) or access code that provides each of your employees with a much simpler way to securely gain access through every point of entry in your business. Professionals like Toronto locksmith can provide you with completely customized solutions that match your business.

An electronic locking system provides greater control over access

With a mechanical deadbolt, any employee losing a key would compromise the security of your business, especially if they do not immediately report the loss. An electronic access code is known only to the authorized personnel and cannot be lost to be picked up by any unauthorized persons.

Additionally, upon termination of an employee, you can easily reprogram the combination of your electronic entry lock to prevent any unauthorized access.

Since some electronic locking systems can keep data of each person accessing every point of entry in your establishment, you are able to tell exactly who gained entry to each point at each point in time. With this level of control comes improved security.

Affordability is a concern with electronic locking systems

The main limitation of using the high tech electronic lock option is its prohibitive cost. Most electronic locking systems are considerably highly priced, which could prevent most small businesses from affording one – depending on the level of security and number of features you most require.

If the cost of installing an electronic lock in your business is way above your budget then a decent mechanical deadbolt may be your best shot. There is a rich variety of high grade mechanical deadbolts to choose from that may well fit within your budget.

Final thoughts

Since an electronic locking system provides a greater level of security, it is by far the better choice of access control system for your business as long as you can afford it.

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