7 Essential Time Management Applications for Every Startup

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Kevin Gardner, Negosentro |  Mastering time management is a critical skill for any professional. But how you like to manage your time for efficiency can be a personal thing. Luckily, you don’t need to do it alone. There are many low code solutions that can help you stay on track without needing to reinvent the wheel. Here are seven tech tools that will help improve time management.

1. Trello

Manage your workflow with a digital to-do list. You can track your tasks from start to finish, and open your Trello boards from any Internet browser. You won’t waste time searching for a note or looking for reminders. Put all the information you need to get your task done in your Trello account and then pull it up for reference.

2. Task Till Dawn

If you need something with a push, Task Till Dawn can help you stay on track. This app will open and close programs for you based on your schedule. It helps you spend the time you intended on each project without getting stuck on one item.

3. Slack

A favorite in the tech world, Slack is part social and part productive. You can use Slack to track tasks, get help, and communicate with your internal team on projects. With Slack, it’s easy to find out who has the time or the skills to complete a job. Slack is best used with a group who actively interacts on Slack. Many companies have replaced traditional email with Slack, too.

4. Post-It Plus

This awesome app can take real-life brainstorming into the digital age. By taking a photo of your post-it brainstorming, the app turns the notes into digital notes and can sort the post-its into categories. The post-its are then organized and shareable. So whether you’re brainstorming from home or a teammate missed a meeting, none of your good ideas will be lost in the shuffle.

5. Uskape

Instead of spending hours sorting through your inbox, Uskape does it for you. You’ll have all your information and tasks filtered through the app. It gives you more time to focus, as you’ll no longer be tracking down the details or status of a project.

6. Timeful

Organize everything in your life by scheduling it. Need to go to the gym? Get it on the calendar. Timeful can navigate your schedule, make suggestions when there are time conflicts, and help you prioritize each day. It also reminds you when you need to begin working on a task. It’s like a secretary in your pocket.

7. Sunrise

Never miss a conference call again. The Sunrise app will automatically dial you in to calls on your calendar. It organizes your schedule across platforms and provides visual appeal. It’s a clean, crisp way of helping you keep appointments and avoid missing important meetings.
These tools are great for helping you manage your schedule, but each tool is only as good as you make it. The tools don’t know your areas of weakness, so make sure you pick a tool that will assist you with something you struggle with. For example, if you’re someone who can keep track of what you need to do but often spends more time on things then intended, you should try out a tool that pushes reminders out when it’s time to change focus. With better time management, you’ll be able to cross off more items on your to-do list. And you’ll be able to complete tasks faster, too. You may even get to add things to your list that you didn’t previously have time for, all because your time management has improved.

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