Making Reading Time More Fun with Augmented Reality Children’s Book

augmented reality children's book

Is “augmented reality children’s book” a new idea to you? Well, thanks to technology, bright minds have discovered a way to have your kids be able to read books in this generation, but still with a smartphone in one hand. Kids today learn to use gadgets at an early age even without elders teaching them, so books become foreign to them. Nursery rhymes and bedtime stories are now either being listened to or watched from apps and videos online.

This may become a problem for many parents because after all, books should still be part of children’s lives. It is an easy way to learn to read words and understand sentences, but some kids would just rather listen to voices on children’s apps with colorful graphics on the screen. But now, here comes Pacha’s Pajamas, a more fun way of introducing books to children as they still get hold of technology.


Pacha’s Pajamas

augmented reality children's book


Pachas’s Pajamas is an augmented reality children’s book used hand-in-hand with the Pacha Alive app. Basically, it is similar to many storybooks with illustrations, but the thing is, when the app is being hovered over the drawings, they come alive.


Pacha's Pajamas

Pacha’s Pajamas is a bedtime story about a little girl wearing magical pajamas in which the animals and plants printed on it come alive. Together, they go on different adventures as it teaches children of confidence, compassion, and the importance of nature and the environment.

This concept brings the connection back of children with books. They may have been hooked to using videos and apps on gadgets, but through this augmented reality children’s book, they would still know what it’s like to flip through the pages of a real book. It is a multimedia tool with words, images, and augmented reality video clips which will surely entertain a reader as the story goes on.

Through augmented reality, children, or even adults who use the book and the app gets a view of computer-generated images in the real, physical world. Pokemon Go, a known mobile gaming app, uses this kind of technology. Through the AR technology, children would surely appreciate and see reading as a fun experience with Pacha’s Pajamas. As you go beyond the traditional reading materials, this augmented reality children’s book would make a better experience as it connects technology, awareness, and learnings to your children.

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