Finding Your Offices Ideal Printer

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Laura Baird, Negosentro | Finding Your Offices Ideal Printer | Are you aware of the best way to select an office printer?

No matter what size business you have, it makes good sense to choose carefully when it comes time to buy a printer. Something that might feel like a comparatively small purchase may end up costing a great deal if a bad selection is made the first time around. However, many wonder how to pick the best business office printers. Is a laser or an inkjet model best? What do these model names and numbers really mean? Given the wide array of options on the market today, it often proves challenging to isolate the most important factors and get the perfect printer.

Knowing How To Differentiate Among Printers

Selecting the proper type of printer is the initial step in this process. Knowing what sorts of printers are available in stores and online is the best way to make a truly wise choice. Shoppers also need to think about finding a printer that is capable of keeping up with the volume and type of printing likely to be done on a regular basis. You can find the largest collection of models for reference at this ink and printer retailer here.

Inkjet Options

These printers tend to be the least expensive, given their small size and wide availability at typical office supply outlets. Printers of this sort are generally used to produce standard documents and for photo printing applications. Inkjet printers are constantly improving and are able to generate sharp outputs. Newer versions of inkjet printers use high quality inks that are not as prone to smearing as in the past. Further, the latest models provide users with the ability to crank out a substantial volume, not unlike laser jet printers.

Laser Models:

Laser printers are often used in professional office environments. They are especially helpful for enterprises that need to print a large quantity of documents and do so with impressive color and clarity. These types of printers are usually larger in size than their inkjet counterparts, but this does not present a problem for offices that print lots of documents or have multiple employees assigned to a single printer. An  additional benefit of laser printers is that they are able to print substantial amounts of output in rapid fashion, but do not need frequent ink cartridge replacement.

Additional Printer Features to Consider

There are certainly printers that do just that and that alone, but there are also printers that incorporate additional functions that can include scanning as well as copying of documents. Machines known as “all-in-one” printers are usually able to print, fax, send emails, scan and make copies. These types of printers are sold in a range of sizes, though it is possible to find models that can sit nicely even on a small workspace. While the initial cost of the best multifunction copiers for business entities may seem high, it may be cheaper than purchasing individual machines to accomplish just one task each.


Many printers have an integrated scanning function. This permits users to transfer images of paper documents to a computer. Doing so facilitates easy uploading and sharing of documents just by sending an email. Scanners of this sort can be found within laser as well as inkjet printers.


While lots of people have moved away from fax machines in favor of scanners, there are still many business enterprises that use faxes for a number of purposes. Fortunately, lots of inkjet and laser printing machines also include fax functionality.

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