Low-Cost Hobbies to Keep You Sane

Low-Cost Hobbies To Keep You Sane

Mary Rae Floresca| Negosentro.com

No more expensive hobbies during day-offs and free time. As a busy employee, you need to try these low-cost hobbies to keep you sane.

1. ReadingLow-Cost-Hobbies


Who doesn’t like to read a good book? Bookworm or not, try to immerse yourself inside a good book from time to time. Try downloadable e-books or the classic hardbound or paperback books. Reading keeps your imagination burning and feeds your brain with something new.

2. Watch TV series or movies


This doesn’t mean going to one movie house to another. Thank you to iFlix and Netflix, you can catch shows or movies that was popular in the past and running TV shows. Have a good laugh, good cry or heart-racing shows in the comfort of your home.

3. Adult coloring books

Low-Cost Hobbies

Get into the hype of coloring books for adults. It was a fun activity during your childhood and now, you can still enjoy it with a more challenging and intricate designs. Like shopping, coloring books is also therapeutic. It’s a fun exercise as well and your creativity a boost.

4. Charity


Go out from your busy life from time to time and do some charity work that fulfills your soul. No complaints here, just do it wholeheartedly. See what kind of charity piques your interest. It can be building houses like Gawad Kalinga or helping our kids who need special care through Make a Wish Foundation.

5. Running Marathons


There are so many marathons going on in Metro Manila and other provinces. It’s the most common workout in the morning. Running is a physical and mental challenge that will benefit you. It’s the healthiest hobby you can do without spending much.

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