How to Improve Your Content Delivery and Enhance User Experience

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Content marketing is quickly becoming the go-to internet marketing instrument these days, especially since you can quickly expand your reach and attract a large number of visitors through quality content. That said, the quality of the content is not the only thing you need to focus on when you want to have an effective content marketing campaign.

If content is the king, content delivery is the kingdom. Your site needs to be able to deliver content smoothly while providing the best user experience possible. These next few tips will help you improve content delivery and enhance your site’s UX in several easy steps.

Improve Loading Time

Speed is more important than ever these days. You are facing an audience with a relatively short attention span, which means your site needs to load quickly and correctly for the quality content you have on it to be effective.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can improve loading time. You can start by moving to a better-performing hosting service. Companies such as Certa Hosting optimise their servers for maximum speed, allowing site owners to use more web elements without a problem with loading time.

Another way to improve loading time is by optimizing the site itself. You can start by arranging the loaded elements based on priority. Always load the main content first before you load additional, design-related parts of the site. You can also use techniques such as lazy loading to improve user experience.

Smooth and Consistent Content Delivery

The next step you can take in order to improve content delivery is maintaining consistency. It doesn’t stop with having a consistent navigation at the top of the site. Smooth and consistent delivery means making sure your content is displayed correctly on all devices.

A common problem is embedded videos appearing beyond the width of the screen when viewed on mobile devices. The same problem can also happen with images and other parts of the site. Navigation menu and buttons that are too close to each other will also hamper content delivery and reduce user experience.

These problems are easy to fix. A good approach to take is putting yourself in the users’ shoes. Browse through your site and see if you can get the information you need quickly and effectively.

A Comprehensive Search Feature

We are so used to searching for the information we need, both on search engines and on the websites we visit. Users nowadays don’t really have the time to browse through a lot of pages just to find a single article. They much prefer using the search function to quickly get the information they need.

Make sure you have a visible search field on your site. You also need to be certain that the search feature works on all devices for maximum user experience. Last but not least, consider adding advanced search functionality to allow users to find articles or other content in certain categories or tags.

Take these steps, utilise the tips we discussed in this article and you will be able to improve content delivery. Good user experience means better SEO and general performance, both of which are great for your content marketing efforts.

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