Cool Lessons that Airsoft teaches you in life

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Photo By: Martius Laranang, Baguio Airsoft Club

By Mary Rae Floresca | |

In every sport we play, we learn about agility and determination. Moreover, the most common value that needs to be executed is teamwork. These values are usually applied in volleyball, basketball, soccer and other common team sports. I discovered a not so familiar sport to anyone – Airsoft, which does not just require teamwork.

I asked a few Airsoft players about how this game has been helpful in building their character or simply, in their daily lives.


Why Airsoft? “It simulates military warfare that is the closest thing a civilian can experience”, Baguio Airsoft Club game master Ryan Rayrao described the game.

In his ten years of playing the sport, he cited that teamwork is very important to win. But not only that. As an individual, you should be honest and disciplined. The auditor of the club, Martius Laranang, also explained,

In Airsoft is honesty, because when you get hit in Airsoft you acknowledge you’re hit. Unlike in Paintball, it leaves a mark when you get hit, here you should be honest enough to call your own hits when you get shot.

We should learn from this and observe this in doing our tasks at work as well, be honest and take accountability when something came up wrong, be responsible and take charge fairly.

airsoft, life-lessons, life, advises, discipline, sports, Baguio-Airsoft-Club, paintball,gameplay, play, honesty, teamwork
Photo By: Martius Laranang, Baguio Airsoft Club

Rayrao shared his experience in one of the games he played, “The most challenging moment for me is the 24-hr Mil-Sim (Military Simulation), we were playing with real battle hardened, proud and few, the Philippine Marines. These soldiers were so tough to beat, plus the weather is grueling hot, and the terrain has a ridiculous steep elevation and the jungle is so dense!

For sure, you’ve experienced the tense and the pressure in your job. The key is to be comfortable being uncomfortable. You should be determined on how to face the challenges that life throws at you. Also,there will always be competition, you will win and lose, be a sport.

Like in real life, there are losers and winners. Accept defeat and learn lessons from your failures. You can’t win them all,” Laranang advised.

Patience should not be left out in this sport, you can’t just attack whenever you feel like it; this is tactical. Like for example, in every strategy you do to beef up your brand or job, think about it carefully, plan and control the situation.

You can’t rush everything it takes the right timing and patience to accomplish a mission,” Laranang added. In airsoft, you have to wear the right attire an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) and most importantly, a protective mask.

“To newbies, just play and have fun. Never take take it too seriously. It’s just a hobby and a stress reliever, if you take it too serious it becomes stressful just like work”, Laranang said. Remember a lot of entrepreneurs say, “If you love what you are doing, isn’t it like you are never working?”

So tomorrow, before you start your day, gear up properly, take control and mask down!

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