Part-time Job: Academic Face-to-Face and Online Tutoring

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By Mary Rae Floresca | | Part-time Job: Academic Face-to-Face and Online Tutoring | There are many part-time jobs out there, but not all of them fit your personality. In tutoring, it requires a passion for teaching other people. It won’t work if it’s just for the sake of having a sideline. Now, why tutoring? If you know that you have the will to lead and teach, this is the job for you. It requires patience especially when some students are slow learners. There are two types of tutoring, these are face-to-face and online tutoring. Let’s break it down simply for you below and see what best fits you.

Face-to-Face Tutoring

Gone are the days that tutoring has been a secret way for students to be honors in school. Tutorial centers are here and there, easy to find, and with excellent tutors. Criselda Tualla, Human Resources Officer of Canitalk Academy Inc. said, “As for our institution, we believe that man-to-man teaching and learning is essential to both the teacher and the student. I personally think that the real turnover is the immeasurable happiness that could be felt when someone learns from you.”

In this kind of tutoring, the teacher is more in control of the session and the relationship between the teacher and the student is more intimate. The teacher can personally see what the student is doing.

Tip: Try to find companies who hire part-time teachers, your professional fee also depends on your knowledge and expertise, the pay for elementary level subjects will be less than college level subjects. Be prepared though because the company may demand more time from you, for this you have to negotiate well on the times that you want to work.

Online Tutoring

This way of tutoring is probably the most convenient way to earn money and it’s also easy for the student. For the teacher, you just need a personal computer and stable internet connection. This is just a virtual approach. However, the downside of this is that you are not sure if the student has his full attention on you.

Tip: Look for freelance sites that allows you to choose the hours you want to teach. It also depends on the time zone of the student. You should be able to adjust to that. Find out how you will get paid, mostly, those freelance sites transfer funds through Paypal, you should have an account for that.

Keep in mind that if you work more hours tutoring each week, you will earn more. The challenge here is how to keep up with the attention span of your students. Your students can be culturally diverse, especially if you’re doing online tutoring. Criselda Tualla described their teachers, “Their knowledge and skills, as well as their familiarity of the other culture plays an important role in building rapport and making the learning environment conducive for learning.

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