5 Wireless Router Problems and How to Solve Them


Negosentro.com | Wireless Routers are devices which help in connecting handheld devices and laptops to internet. A router works as a gateway and DNS which helps in opening the internet websites and operate over it. Having problem with router or not able to access internet can really be frustrating for most of the users. This can be really frustrating for users and can even result into business losses in certain cases. This way you must be aware about how to perform the simple ways to resolve issues related to router.

Most of the problems related to routers can easily be resolved if you have idea about your router configuration and understand the simple troubleshooting tips given in this article.

Configuration issues

Performing router configuration or changes in the configuration must never be performed on your own unless you save the old configuration and IP settings done in the machine. Therefore if you are planning to do any R&D on your modem then the first thing you need to do is to save the old configuration. Try to save the old configuration by opening the default router Ip address. Generally the default address is IP address of your router. All you need to do is open the same IP in your web browser and there you will be able to open the router settings. This way you save the settings or try to give a reboot of your router. Useful site about IP address : 1921681254ip.com

Internet Not accessible

One of the most common type of problem encountered by most users is that router is not able to access internet. In such cases there are few things you may need to check explicitly and keeping all the detailed checks noted so that you don’t have to review them. Cables connected models need to be checked by opening their default gateway IP address. Make sure that you check all the power cables and LED blinking on your modem so that you remove any possibility due to those bad cables or connection issue. If you are using a wired modem or cable modem router then you need to be aware about its wiring. Ensure that the wiring is properly connected and there are no issues in that. Sometimes ports can also be faulty, so you need to try using the spare ports to connect and check if the LED blinks and internet connects or not.

File sharing issue with router

There are certain situations or problems which may arise in your router. Routers may be able to connect to internet but the file sharing is not allowed. In such cases, it is possible that you need to check the file sharing access of your remote computer and ensure that your device IP address is entered in the trusted hosts section. Many routers have network storage possibilities which also help in sharing files over internet. However this could be an external drive access and this physical device need to be checked. Another possible cause could be that file authentication issue and the file which you are sharing is not authenticated by the user you are trying to send file is not authenticated to send, read, write or execute the file permissions.

Perform Firmware upgrades

Another possible problem with your network router could be related to firmware upgrade. In case during the upgrade of your modem device, your device gets disconnected or problem in connectivity of your device with modem then you cannot easily perform firmware upgrade. If the upgrade is ongoing then device connectivity could be lost and can further cause issue with firmware of your modem. In Such cases, you can first try to reboot your modem device first so that you re-read the settings. On the other hand, you can even try to restore your modem to factory settings in case you don’t have a original setting saved in your device.

Changing DNS or issues related to DNS

Sometimes your modem device could be having issues with the DNS server used by your ISP. In case you have forgotten the DNS IP or don’t know how to configure it again then you can either choose the option “choose DNS automatically”. This helps in choosing the DNS from the gateway IP address.

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