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Negosentro.com | Learn about the Classification and Characteristics of Towels  | The term towel is a broad term that covers a myriad of materials and sizes. However, the general term describes a piece of linen designed for wiping, cleaning, or drying up. A towel is made from absorbent fabric to absorb water, grease, wax, and other liquids with ease.  

Towels are categorized into various types. The classification depends on the material and the pattern used in designing the towel.

Let’s have a look into the classification of the towels. 

Turkish Towels 

A Turkish towel is made with Turkish cotton. They were invented back in the 17th century. You can also refer to them as foutas or pestemals. They’re the real classics fluffy, soft, and durable, they are highly durable and can endure lots of wear and tear. It makes then last you for longs. They boast of excellent absorbent ability for soaking moisture. 

Due to absorbency capability, the Turkish towels are ideal gym or hiking towels. 

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber is the new fabric that is causing a storm in the cleaning industry. The material is becoming popular and an excellent choice for bathroom, kitchen, beach, hotel, and even in the beauty industry. Thanks to its versatility. 

The combination of polyamide and polyester are the backbone of microfiber towels. The thick, densely constructed fibers produce a variety of uses. 

Although microfiber is among the softest fabrics, it’s incredibly strong and durable. This is a rare combination that makes these towels cost-effective.

Microfiber towels are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Perhaps the two factors that make them the most preferred fabric in the market. the filaments are positively charged to trap dirt and dust that carries a negative charge. This is a great ability, especially for people with allergies. The fibers attract foreign objects from the air for clean and fresh air.

Microfiber towels dry pretty fast under the sun. Thus, they make the best beach towels. Here are some kinds of beach towels you would love to own. 

When you’re looking for microfiber towels, consider factors like the density of fibers and the quality of construction. Less dense fibers are abrasive to delicate surfaces. Heavily densely fiber will be soft to your body and offer a soothing feeling.

Organic-Cotton Towels

Today, organic living is getting embraced across the globe due to the fast evolving environment. As a result, organic fibers are fast emerging and stirring every field, including the cleaning industry.  

Organic cotton is grown free of harmful chemicals to produce eco-friendly products. Organic cotton towels are, therefore, made from harmless organic fiber that is gentle on every skin. 

Dermatologists often recommend people to use organic products for people with allergies since these fabrics are free of bleaches, toxic synthetic materials, and chemical dyes. These hypoallergenic towels allow people to create a sustainable environment.

Organic cotton towels are greatly recommended for people who have undergone an intense medical or surgical procedure. 

Lastly, they add a charm in the kitchen and bathroom. They make the best bath towels in the market. There are several bath towel sites you can learn from such as JiNan Wintex, where you can get quality, affordable, and durable towels.

Egyptian Cotton Towels 

If you want to turn your home bath into a spa-like, then learn to choose an Egyptian cotton towel. For years, these towels have been the backbone of the cotton market due to high-quality construction. Egyptian threads are fluffy and thick, giving them a luxurious feel. The density allows the cotton to absorb moisture fast. 

The cuddly feel makes the Egyptian towels preferred for bath towels and sheets. They’re also used in salons and spas to provide clients with a luxurious feeling. Most of the bath towels for residential use are entirely Egyptian make.  

Bamboo Towels 

You might have felt or heard about bamboo towels and wondered what they are. As its name suggests, a bamboo towel is constructed from 100% bamboo fiber. However, some are designed by combing cotton and bamboo.

Bamboo towels are eco-friendly. Bamboo releases approximately 30% more oxygen compared to other types of tress. More so, these towels are incredibly soft, and they have an excellent absorbent ability.  

Bamboo is naturally anti-static, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial. The fabric can kill about 70% of bacterial. 

Thus, pick a towel that fits your needs well. A towel plays a vital role in your life. Therefore, you should learn how to pick it cautiously.

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