6 Ways to Step Up Your Instagram Marketing Game

This is How Brands Are Growing on Instagram and You Can Too

Negosentro.com | If you’re looking to improve your Instagram marketing you’ve probably looked at a lot of the different tips and tricks out there to help you. But have you looked at the things that are going to move your business forward the most? If you haven’t then you absolutely should take a look at the tips we have right here.

1. Create a Business Account.

When it comes to getting the most out of your Instagram account you absolutely need to have a business account. It’s going to offer you:

– Contact button for followers

– Create and publish ads

– Access analytics tools

– Breakdown of demographics and viewers

By working with a business account instead of a standard account you’re going to have each of these benefits and a lot more. All of this allows you to get a better understanding of what kind of traction your Instagram profile is getting and also how you can continue to improve.

2. Write to Your Actual Viewers

Take a look at the information on your Insights page. This is something you get with that business account and it’s going to tell you more about the people looking at your posts. It’ll also tell you about who is interacting with you. From there, you want to create content that targets the people who are most interested in.

If you continue to create random content you’re going to get randomized engagement. If you create content that is targeted to the people who are most interested in your page and your business you’ll keep them coming back, and attract more like them.

3. Utilize Instagram Stories

When it comes down to it, people like videos. And they especially like when they can get a lot of information in a small package. That’s exactly what Instagram Stories is all about. It’s giving them a video but in a short, bite-sized way. With this method you can:

  • Share a tip or trick on your topic
  • Share an update about a release
  • Share how to use your product in a new way
  • Give a how-to about your product
  • Explain what your product/service really is
  • Give an idea of how your product/service can help someone

These are just a few of the things that you could be doing, but they’re going to help you get started. You just have to know where to start looking for content and inspiration. Before you know it, you’re going to have all kinds of content for Instagram stories, Instagram TV and even just regular post content you can refurbish.

4. Create Your Own Branded Hashtags

You can create hashtags that are specific to you and your business that will help people to recognize you. In fact, branded or dedicated hashtags are quite popular and just about every brand has its own. All you need to do is figure out what you’re going to use.

  • Your brand name
  • Your personal name
  • Your product name
  • A promotion/event name

In short, if you know how to create a hashtag (which won’t take you much) then you’re going to be able to create one about a lot of different things. In fact, don’t be afraid to create multiple branded hashtags for your business. In fact, each time you run a new promotion or create a new product in your Instagram marketing campaign you may want to create another branded hashtag, and then keep them going as long as you can. They will:

  • Get people talking about your brand
  • Introduce new people to your brand
  • Get user-generated content
  • Improve your searchability

By working with these types of content you’ll be setting yourself up even better in the long run. You’ll be able to get people talking about you, which is going to organically grow your followers and your viewer base.

5. Keep Track of Everything

You want to know all of the logistics tied to your account. Those logistics are going to help you better understand the target audience that you have and what they want to see. In fact, you’ll be able to look at things like:

  • How many people are seeing your posts
  • How many people are interacting with your posts
  • How different people are interacting with your posts
  • What your favorite posts/accounts are
  • What your most popular posts are
  • What kind of reach your posts are getting
  • The demographic that sees/likes/interacts with different posts

Once you get a chance to see all of these things you’re going to have the opportunity to track them. That way you can see where you’re getting better traction and what kind of content is actually helping you. If you do this, you’ll be able to boost engagement even further.

6. Keep in Contact

If you post and ghost all the time you’re definitely not going to keep people interested. They’re not going to want to keep commenting and liking your stuff if they never get anything back out of it. Instead, make sure that you’re responding to the people who are communicating with you.

You want to make sure that you acknowledge the likes you’re getting by calling people out in the comments or making reference to those likes. Then, make sure that you’re commenting back when someone comments on your post.

You also want to be sure that you’re sending responses to the direct messages that you get. Even a short message lets people know that you’re paying attention and that you saw what they had to say. Not only that but it shows that you value them and their time.

Overall, there are a number of different things that you can and should be doing when it comes to your Instagram marketing. But if you’re putting these 6 things into action you’re going to be putting yourself on the right path toward success. 

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