How to Get the Most Out of Your Weapon

Weapon | How to Get the Most Out of Your Weapon | Whether you are an experienced gun enthusiast or beginner, you will want to get the most out of your firearm. This is where occasional upgrades come in handy. What’s more, it’s advisable to do it every once in a while.

By upgrading your weapon, you are improving its performance and overall functions too. Whether you use a firearm for shooting sports, hunting, or personal protection, these aspects are of great importance.

Here are a few firearm upgrade options to take into consideration.

Mount a Rifle Scope

This is the easiest and the most efficient firearm upgrade available. It will help you improve your gun sight and align it on target. Additionally, it can help improve the accuracy rating. While there are a lot of gun optics to choose from, the red dot sight is considered to be the best option for rifles. These red dot scopes are perfect for long-range shootings. 

Add a Compensator

A compensator can considerably lower recoil when you’re shooting. It redirects gasses which causes the bullets to propel through the vents of your firearm. As a result, the barrel will get directed down, which will reduce the recoil action. Additionally, this will push the muzzle flash downwards, which will make you see better when shooting at night or in low-light conditions.

Polish Your Barrel

In addition to providing a better grip, a polished barrel can also prevent jams and ejection failures in the feed ramp. This will eventually prolong your gun’s life. If you intend to add a new coating to your barrel, look for Titanium Nitride (TiN) coatings. They are made of a rugged material that is resistant to scratches, so you will not encounter buildup issues. Furthermore, TiN coating will add a luxury appearance to your gun.

Consider Adding a Sound Suppressor

Be sure to check if this upgrade is legal in your state before going with it. A suppressor (also known as a silencer) is meant to preserve hearing by dropping the noise threshold by 15-50 dB. This will depend largely on what type of firearm and suppressor you use. With a silencer attached, your gun will have less recoil. It makes a big difference in firing a gun.

Add a Magazine Well

This firearm upgrade is particularly beneficial for those having large hands. The magazine wells (aka magwells) guide loaded magazines quickly and smoothly into the gun’s grip. It will not only decrease your re-loading times but also result in an extra grip.


By adding raised, small texture points, stippling will help you maintain a firmer grip. So, you won’t have slipping problems anymore. This way, you will improve your safety when unloading, handling, and cleaning your firearm.

Install a Guide Rod

You can add either a 1- or 2-piece guide rod to your firearm to improve its overall functionality. The guide rods ensure that the recoil spring doesn’t get kinked. Keep in mind that it will add weight to your firearm.


Each of the upgrades highlighted above can boost the overall capabilities of your firearm in a unique way. However, you should know how to implement and use these upgrades properly. Combine them wisely to get maximum capacity and improve your shooting experience.


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