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Las Vegas Electricians Show You How to Light Up Your Home And Your Garden

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Professional photographers invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into pro lighting equipment because lighting has a powerful effect on aesthetics. Proper lighting affects our mood, the way we look, and the way our environment looks. In fact, lighting is such a crucial yet neglected part of our lives that a properly lit home can feel like a brand new one. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to properly light up your home and your garden. Check out electronics reviews at ReviewerTouch.com.

  1. Start With Your Ceilings

The best lighting can be found hanging from your ceiling and there’s a good reason for it. To begin with, ceiling lights are great for opening up the room by decluttering it of lamps and shades. The less mass that there is in a room, the bigger it will feel. So by having ceiling lights planted, you’ll create more wall and floor space.

According to the Las Vegas pros from calliduselectric.com, adding a bold and dramatic lighting fixture to your ceiling has the powerful effect of making the room look bigger and more luxurious than it actually is.

  1. Give Incandescent Lighting A Shot

Homes should feel welcoming, warm, and comfortable instead of cold and uninviting. Adding incandescent lighting will light up the home with a slightly yellow tint making it appear warming and cozy. This is an especially effective technique for contemporary homes which are often painted in dull whites, dull blacks, and have flat minimalist furniture.

Remember, the modern look is cool, but you’re not a rich super villain. If you’re anything like normal people then you want a comfy home.

  1. Light Up The Small Places

There’s so many small quality of life upgrades that can be had with better lighting. This includes adding lighting options to the places where you perform day-to-day tasks like cooking, food prep, bathroom mirrors, and closets. These small lighting upgrades will show how well-thought out your home was designed to be and thus give it a more upscale feel.

On the other hand, with these small upgrades, it’s important to hire a professional electrician to gauge the power usage of each room. Overloading circuits and not having properly ground outlets can easily lead to electrical fires.

  1. Proper Garden Lighting

The outside of your home is just as important to light as the inside. And this matters the most at night because nobody likes walking up a scary, dark driveway in the middle of the night. In ancient times, the most vicious predators would hunt humans at night and that’s where the deep fear of “monsters in the dark” comes from.

The easiest way to light up your outside areas is by purchasing solar powered lights that you can simply plant into the ground around your walkways. They’re inexpensive and  extremely effective.

  1. Add Reflective Surfaces

Mirrors by themselves make rooms look far bigger than they actually are. This effect is dramatically amplified with proper lights. Add large mirrors to different sections of your house to expand how big it feels and to reflect the inside lighting. Great locations for large mirrors include bedrooms and living rooms.


By having proper lighting in a home you can make it feel bigger, more welcoming, and more luxurious. And the fantastic part about great lighting is that the impact it gives is inexpensive compared to other renovation styles.

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