5 Advantages of Buying Premium Quality Hi-Vis Work Wear

Quality Hi-Vis Work Wear

Hi Vis clothing is the perfect choice for people working in the airports to those working in construction sites or industries. There are several specific safety regulations ensuring that any person working in threatening work environments must wear a standard issue hi vis work wear.  If you are the head of human resource and have employees working under you, it should be your standard procedure and responsibility to make sure that every worker is wearing a premium quality hi Vis work wear at all times. This prevents life threatening personnel damage and also helps in avoiding unnecessary law suits.

There are three different Classes of premium quality hi Vis work wear namely Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3, with Class 3 being the best quality. Class 3 protects one against any kind of environment.

Know How Premium Hi-Vis Work Wear Functions:

Premium quality hi-vis work wear is made with a fluorescent material along with shiny tapes or bands attached to them. As a result, whenever they come in contact with lights, they shine warning people on the other side. In this way, fellow coworkers can know the positioning of other colleagues. During foggy weather or night time this hi vis work wear is very effective as it functions amazingly under low lighting conditions. During the night, secondary sources of light reflect back ensuring a two-way identification system.

The 3 Classes of Hi-Vis Workwear

  • Class 1: These are given to workers who work with slow vehicles or where there is ample light for the workers to be seen.
  • Class 2: These are given to workers who have a medium sense of danger level in their work with vehicles arriving at around 25 MPH or so. For example, the crossings near a school.
  • Class 3: These are given to people who have a high-risk probability in their work environment. Like for example fast cars or places with very less visibility or at a heavy construction site.

Advantages of Buying Premium Quality Hi-Vis Workwear

  • High Visibility Range: If you are wearing a premium quality hi-vis work wear, it can be said that you will be visible from many meters away. If you use cheap quality work wear the reflection won’t be effectively visible until the vehicle is very close to you. But having the best quality work wear will make you visible in the dark and reduce the chances of your getting involved in an accident.
  • Longevity: It is a well-known fact that one should always look at the quality rather than quantity. And this fact can be applied while purchasing clothes too.  High quality clothes are always much expensive than low quality clothes. The premium quality hi-vis work wear costs more than the normal ones and they last much longer. Hence you don’t have to buy them every now and then. It will also help you to cut out the extra cost of buying more work wear.
  • Emergency Situations: in case of emergency situations like a fire, the premium work wear will give you much needed protection in comparison to a cheaper work wear.  The cheaper work wear might also put your life in danger.
  • High Quality: Premium quality hi-vis work wear is made of a much superior quality than the cheaper alternatives. Usually high quality hi Vis clothing is made up of a polyester blend along with mesh flaps specifically for ventilation. The premium ones are also waterproof so that you can work outdoors with ease.
  • Miscellaneous: In the miscellaneous section, the premium safety vests have deeper pockets so that you can store something big like a flashlight. Also, they have more fluorescent tapes and straps for greater visibility. The pockets also have adjustable flaps for you to store your gear safely inside without the fear of them falling out.

It is no question that hi-vis work wears are very important, but they come in different qualities. Buying the premium quality hi-vis work wear is the best thing to do as it not only increases your productivity but also your safety.

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