Keeping Your Sydney Home in Old Age: A Guide

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Negosentro|Keeping Your Sydney Home in Old Age: A Guide|For those people who’ve lived in Sydney for decades, it can be incredibly difficult to wrench yourself away to live elsewhere. The nation’s great city, a center of commerce and culture, it’s a city that older people will have seen evolve and regenerate time after time, to the point where they’re now as much a living part of the city as the streets, bars and harbor. In this short guide, you’ll learn how to remain a piece of the city’s story throughout your later years, retaining your home in one of the greatest cities in the world.

Prices and Costs

One of your first considerations, of course, is whether you can still pay for your home after you have retired. Have you paid off a mortgage in order to be able to afford to live permanently in your home, or will you have to keep paying installment payments – and if so, can your pension afford it? These are key questions that may be uncomfortable to ask, but they’re absolutely crucial in finding out whether you’ll be living out your later years in Sydney, so do not put them off. 


Your home may also require a number of adjustments in order to make it more habitable for an elderly person or an older couple. Simple examples of these changes can include a handrail or an alarm system, should you fall and hurt yourself while in your property. You may also wish to include features like a better working toilet and walk-in shower, and simple cooking facilities and cupboards that require little bending down or reaching up. All these changes need to be made to facilitate your sense of independence if you are going to continue living in your own home. 

Care and Medical Attention

When you’re older, you’re more prone to illness. That much is obvious. But what is less obvious are the ways in which you can adjust your lifestyle to fit with this, while still enjoying the benefits of living in your Sydney home. Simply find a care worker – sometimes a family member – to help you with certain tasks, and if you require more urgent medical care, you will be able to buy or rent the requisite equipment from to help you keep healthy in your home without needing to stay in a care home or hospital.

Planning Inheritance

As you’ll also be well aware, your home in Sydney is now worth a good deal of cash, and if you have any relations, this is the sort of cash boost that’ll be very useful for their lives. As such, it’s important that you consider the type of last will and testament that you’ll be leaving behind to your children and grandchildren. Perhaps they will sell on your home, or they might decide to live there themselves, enjoying the benefits of living in the city. 

These four pieces of advice are paramount, should you decide to live out your days in your Sydney home, instead of heading into a care facility for the elderly.

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