Keeping the Faith with Heartshaper Video

Heartshaper Video

by Mitzi Ilagan, |

Let’s admit it, going through the Bible may be the humblest thing that you could ever do for your everyday devotion, but isn’t it more exciting when you could watch it? In this new showroom in Makati, you could catch up on your faith in a more entertaining way.

Heartshaper Video, a video distribution company based in Makati, lets you go deeper into your faith in an interesting way through their inspirational, educational Christian and non-Christian videos and card games. In line with their mission and vision, this shop aims to feed minds, touch hearts, and change lives through your faith as you watch their videos.

Heartshaper Video

Inside this store are carefully curated and arranged full-length Christian, end-time, educational, and animated videos for your needs. They have card games which are Bible-based which you could use for your care group sessions, random game nights or even during your alone time. They also sell yoga DVDs which teaches you Bible verses as you do yoga poses or moves. And do you remember those Magic School Bus books sold during book fairs in your school? You’ll be surprised to see lots of them, in different themes and categories, and in form of DVDs inside the Heartshaper Video store.

The DVDs and CDs that they sell come from the overseas, which they legally and locally replicate so as to share the Gospel to the people.

Sir Dick Quinones, the head for sales, and Ms. Wency Tan, the new COO, joyfully invites you to visit their showroom, where you could also watch their movies for free. All you have to do is select a movie from Heartshaper Video’s displays, and then head to their viewing area for a faith-filled movie time.

Heartshaper Video

Heartshaper Video

If ever you happen to pass by this new store along Buendia, drop by and grab your DVDs now because they have an ongoing sale. Check this video out to see what’s inside Heartshaper Video.

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