What to Consider When Opening a Pub

Opening a Pub

by Kyla Camille Nievera, Negosentro |

Owning a pub seems like a perfect job. All of us visit pubs at least occasionally, whether it’s for drinks, pub games, sports or atmosphere, so pubs are potentially a great business opportunity. However, there are some basic things you need to know before you actually open the doors of your pub.

Create a business plan

First things first: make a business plan. Do some serious research on the competition and the neighbourhood you’re planning to start your business in. You will need to explain how you plan to make your pub successful and profitable. You should also pick a “theme” for your pub. Is it going to be a sports pub, Irish pub or a brewpub? Are you going to serve food as well? All of these should go into your business plan that investors or lenders can evaluate.

Location, location, location

After you decide on your pub type, you can start thinking about the location. The location of your pub will strongly dictate what kind of clientele you can expect. If you open a bar in the suburbs, don’t expect a lot of young and hip people. Location will also affect you marketing. Hard-to-reach areas will need more advertising.

Name the business

This might not seem so important, but it’s actually the key of good advertising. You must consider what kind of clientele the name will attract. For instance, if you’re planning to open a trendy concept pub, better give it a memorable name instead of naming it after yourself.

Think about marketing

If you want to build up your reputation fast, you have to advertise. Ideally, your happy customers will do the job for you, recommending your pub to other people. This is actually the best way of marketing and also the cheapest one. You can also participate in some charity events or sponsor events. You can offer free samples and coupons to promote your business and attract more customers. Also, don’t forget about Facebook and Instagram, since many young people get their information about city life from there. Be active on social networks and try to fill your page with some interesting content.

Get feedback

It’s very important to know what your customers think about your pub and listen to their demands and ideas carefully. You can conduct surveys on drinks, food, events, staff, interior, exterior, music and many other things. This way you will know which bands or DJs to invite, which events to host more often and what to change in your pub. If your clientele complains about scorching sun or wind outdoors, you can contact companies that install café blinds in Sydney to ensure your customers can enjoy sitting outside and be protected from the elements. If customers say that your service is too slow, make sure to discuss this issue with your staff. You can also ask your employees for feedback. Check with them which drinks and foods are the most popular, so you can buy supplies accordingly. With useful feedback you can address issues quickly and effectively.

Organize events

Most of the people want to see and participate in something new. You can organize many interesting events such as pub quizzes, game nights, theme parties and other. Make sure to advertize those events well in advance giving your patrons enough time to prepare. Also, consider your budget for guest stars, prices and contests. If some events become popular, you can turn them into a tradition.

With some thought, good planning and original ideas, owning a pub can not only be profitable, but also very fulfilling and fun. Good luck with your business and cheers!