T Shirt Design Trends That Are Popular in 2017 [Infographic]

t shirt trends 2017

T Shirt is a staple in casual wear and is universally favorite of both men & women. If you are a T shirt addict and looking for T shirt design trends for this season then this post is for you. Check out top 3 T shirt design trends for 2017.

  1. Slogan T Shirts Are Everywhere- From streets to runways slogan tees are everywhere. You can find so many options from funny quotes to some really witty ones, there is one for every taste. So, treat yourself with a statement T shirt and give message to everyone without uttering a word. You can also design a T shirt online that goes with your attitude or personality and the good news is you can design the exact image or slogan you had imagined to be printed on your T shirt.
  1. Flower T Shirts Are In VogueFloral T shirt designs are one of the biggest T shirt design trends of 2017. You can find some great designs like delicate daisies, pattern of poises to bright blooms, photo-real images of flowers and many others. Flower T shirts look high on fashion and are also a favorite of popular designers like Alexander McQueen and Gucci. If you want to be a trendsetter then one Flower T shirt is a must in your wardrobe.
  1. Cartoon Tees Making A ComebackIt goes without say that cartoon tees are a hit with everyone. Cartoon T Shirts look playful, cool and so nostalgic. You can find cartoon themed T shirts now available in almost all brands. So pick the one that comes with your favorite cartoon character printable and enjoy attention. You can also get a custom cartoon T shirt designed online in any comic character from superheroes to Disney princesses, options are endless.

Last words

When it comes to designing this classic piece of casual wear, you just can’t go wrong with it. Now you know all the T shirt trends, So, grab some really cool T shirts and you are all set to make a style statement. Happy Shopping!


from Team Negosentro