Internet of Things in Fashion: When Technology Meets Trend

Internet of Things in Fashion

Julianne Mercer, Negosentro.comWith the IoT Technology already building its presence across so many industries in the world, it has become quite certain for the world of fashion for not getting motivated by this futuristic technology everyone is so delighted about! Think how amazing it can be to buy rompers which will observe your kids’ activities, t-shirts which reflect a person’s mood, and suits which will safeguard us against toxins or pollution which will remain close to the body for giving timely data regarding our health state. As creative as it may sound, the fact is that lots of manufacturing organizations have as of now put this concept of blending the Internet of Things technology with the ever-growing fashion world.

So how precisely will the IoT technology impact the fashion world or on a lesser scale, the garments which we wear on daily basis? What are the potential benefits of letting IoT combine with the fashion world and which are the recent organizations that already have taken initiatives in it? We will get answers to all of these questions below in the article.

Utilizing Internet of Things in fashion is possibly the greatest and the most innovative development which has taken a position since the concept of Internet of Things was brought first in the market. So, let us check out what precisely happens when IoT meets fashion.

The ideology of IoT in Fashion

The garments motivated by the Internet of Things technology are an evidence of the developing fabric industry that has emerged numerous folds amid the previous decade. The garment experts in alliance with leading IoT organizations have been producing communicative and eco-friendly fabrics and fibers which are placed with interactive and conductive threads.

The threads function as a communicative part between a person’s body and also the clothes. Due to this, there are electronic circuits, GPS system, and different other chip producers who are introducing more water-resistant, compact, and also flexible gadgets that can be embedded easily into footwear and clothes with causing no inconvenience or harm to a person.

Great fabrics for individuals in risky jobs

There are great and less reactive material being made for individuals who are engaged in risky jobs like military people, firemen, and also people in military forces. These next gen smart clothes are really useful in monitoring the health as well as the condition of a patient in hospitals. It is one of the basic causes why the sports gear industry likes to invest much more in the concept of IoT.

The advantage of smart Internet of Things motivated sports equipment is such that it not just monitors a person’s performance during exercising; instead it helps people working out in high conditions for locating their auto GPS by showing alerts if any critical or emergency condition is sensed by the smart cloth. These garments are also useful in shielding joggers from jogging out of their tracks and also making the area more noticeable during the night.

Fashion meets Internet of Things

As of now, the fashion world has encountered the generation where we could find clothes changing their colors because of different sensors embedded within. Even, we also have seen the popular hug tees which can be linked via Bluetooth in order to send hugs to somebody who lives quite far and is also wearing the similar hug t-shirt.

In fact, the entire world has come across the LED-lit garments and suits as well, thanks to the sci-fi Hollywood films. Something which can be interpreted from it peculiarly is the fashion industry’s future is going to be brighter than expectation if the IoT technology begins to make its existence felt.

With nearly every connected drapery used in the health sector, the industry of fashion and also the designers are pondering for finding the advance apparel line which will prove that the Internet of Things will collaborate with the fashion industry. The globe has already observed models walking the ramp wearing dazzling dresses those are LED sensors and lights cautiously embedded into their closet.

If we expect the fashion industry collaborated with IoT as a greater than life scene, just think how amazing it will be to get our garments wirelessly connected with applications on our smartphones. It will surely make life simpler for individuals since it will be capable of changing the color of the similar skirt or shirt only a single click on their smartphone. Simply think of the sum of money individuals can spare by not requiring investing in various colored closet options.

A few months before when Apple confirmed the launch of Apple Watch, both telecom and fashion industries were really overwhelmed. Nevertheless, with the launch of Internet of Things in fashion industry, its prime time when we can leave behind the ideology of smartwatches and the fitness bands as well.

Examples of fashionable Internet of Things


This is a couple of smart pyjamas particularly made for babies. These pyjamas comprise of built-in thermometer, movement sensors, and also ECG monitor that will monitor your kid’s health always. These components are woven into the fabric carefully and it makes usage of an FM transmitter for sending information to an external station, which also ensures that your kid is completely safe and away from electronics.

Visijax Commuter Jacket

The smart Visijax jacket focuses on enhancing the cyclists’ safety. Due to the Teflon coating, the jacket becomes completely waterproof and because of complete ventilation, the cyclist has no chance to feel hot or sweat without any reason. Nevertheless, it’s not the single tech-associated part of the jacket which is inspired by IoT. It also boasts a rechargeable pack of battery that backs a collection of white and red LED lights. It also features car styled indicators that automatically get turned on even when the rider puts both the hands on handlebars.


Hence, discussing the above-mentioned examples, we certainly can conclude that the collaboration of IoT technology with fashion world will make a way for some of the most creative innovations which the world is yet to witness!

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