Installation of keylogger for iPhone


Most of the people are very much worried about the contents and activities that their children are doing while accessing their phones. There are much software that you can install and get aware of all the contents that your kid is watching by accessing the internet but what about the messages and conversations that he is doing with his friends? As in most of the cases it is seen that teenagers become a victim of peer pressure and take the steps that they should not have taken. So, it becomes very much important for you as a parent to be aware that what type of communication your child is doing so that you can do the needful for getting him into the right path.

Here you can install Keylogger for iPhone that will help you in knowing all texts that have been typed by your kid using his iPhone. A key logger is software that is especially designed for getting information about the keys that are being mostly pressed and used by the children or by anyone who is using an iPhone which is connected to the software.   

Install ikeymonitor:

ikeymonitor is an app that is developed in regards to view the sms and chat history that is done on different social sites, web history, call history and GPS locations so that you can get all the require information about activities that your child is doing. This app is also very beneficial for business owners who provide phones to their employees in order to increase their productivity and deliver their services to the customers. So by using this software you will get aware of all the activities that your employees are doing. It is not beneficial for your company to block the different social sites as it can separate them from their life and you also might lose a staff. So here you can monitor their activities using it and do the needful if they are found wasting the valuable time for productivity.

How to install it?

If you are also willing to install them and willing to get benefitted by the same then here you can download it by visiting on You will not only get it installed but also you will get the user guide that you can use during the installation. Here are a few steps that you will you have to follow in order to get the process dine:

  • Log in to your online cloud panel
  • click on download ikeymonitor
  • Enter the icloud id and password



  • Alert words – After installing ikeymonitor on your phone you have to enter those words that are offensive and you want to get informed if your child is using them. This ikeymonitor will capture the screenshot as a proof and send it to your registered mail.
  • App blocker- In settings, you will also get an option of app blocker. Here you can block those apps that are distracting your child from the daily routine of his life. Blocking them permanently you can you can easily restrict your child to play such games and use apps that are unworthy and not good for them.
  • Set the daily maximum usage- In settings, you will also get an option of setting the maximum time period of specific apps and games. By doing it you can allow your kid to use those apps only for a certain time period. If you want that those gaming apps or websites are used at weekends only then also you can select the option in here.


Change your pin- Here you can also change your pin by clicking the option of change pin in the settings. A one time password will be forwarded to you for getting it changed.