Independent Garages- the new choice of car drivers for help in need

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Buying a new car is a thrilling experience and especially if it is your first car, you will be beaming with joy. But you cannot just barge into a car showroom and buy any car that you find the most exciting. You need to be very thorough with your research regarding your dream car, and shortlist a few cars that you think will tick all the boxes of your needs and fall into the budget as well. Take feedbacks from people who have driven those cars and then make your decision.

But having a car does not mean only long drives and trips. It also means that you need to take care of the car so that it does not become a junk anytime soon. Regular servicing and following the maintenance schedules is crucial if you want to ensure longevity of your cars. Whether you want to go to an independent garage like Mercury Car Centre or you want to only take the help of main car dealerships to take care of the car, the choice is yours.

Talking of independent garages, the industry is seeing a stark change in the mindset of car owners who are turning to these car centers for the maintenance and repair of their cars.

Let us see what are the main reasons why people are turning to independent garages instead of going to the main dealership for their cars.

Lesser price

The first and the biggest reason behind this drift is primarily the huge difference of price that the customers encounter. A car owner may save upto 60% in the bill by going to a local independent garage to get his car repaired. This is one reason why many people are shifting to these garages. The main reason behind this difference between the prices is that the dealership repair centers will only use the authentic, OEM parts that are much more expensive than the aftermarket counterparts.

Wider range of models accepted

It may happen that the dealerships may only accept some specific models of a company or it may also happen that they may refuse to service or repair any vehicle that is too old. There are dealerships that may only cater to a specific brand like German cars and may deny to lay their hands on any other brand. But this is not the case with the independent garages.

The independent garages will not turn down your request based on the age of the car or the brand it belongs. If a garage can work on German brands, there is a very high possibility that they are not brand specific and will help you deal with all kinds of German cars. Also, they will not deny any kind of vehicle, whether a hatchback, a luxury sedan or even a truck. They provide more variety in services.

Personalised experience

When you will go to a dealership, you will be meeting a sales agent first, negotiate the terms with them and hand over the car to them and then wait for their calls to return the car. Whereas when you go to an independent garage, you will directly meet the mechanic who will talk to you about your car, and tell the probable reasons of the breakdown or the repair for which you have gone. You will have direct communication with the person who will work on you car. This kind of experience is not available in dealerships. The personalised touch makes the entire relation better and brings trust.

Mostly on time delivery

No, we do not say that there is 100% on time delivery, but most of the times you will get a speedy delivery. The dealers are supposedly slow with their repair work because it takes time to fetch the parts for them but this is not the case with independent garages. They will perform the repairs quickly, if the glitch is small, you may get the car immediately.

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