The Basics of Car Jump Starters: a Quick Buyer Guide

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To crank the car’s engine, you can use a pair of simple jumping cables or the gross multifunctional lithium Ion jump starters, which can be found on bestfordriver. Let’s analyze the difference.

The jump starters might vary according to their functionality, dependence on the outer source, technical capacity, and additional options.

Ways to Crank Your Engine

There are three main functional types of the car jump starters according to the way they start the engine:

  1. Ignition Only

These small lightweight devices do not charge the car’s battery – they simply heat up the fuel in the engine in order to make it start. This method damages a car’s engine and fuel system, let alone the battery and generator; so, it can be used in extra conditions only.

  1. Charging Only

Batteries or cables that upon connecting to the car battery, charge it until it can produce the ignition or until it is full. A nice option, save for the waiting time. This is the most popular type of a jump starter.

  1. A Combo Jump Starter

Some devices can do both: charge and ignite. Such operation has less impact on the car systems and lets getting the car alive within seconds.

Plug-in Mediator Device or a Self-Dependant Box?

Jump starters can require the outer source of energy in order to transmit the current to the car battery. Such mechanisms transform the current’s voltage and amperage so that it fits the car battery specifications.

Another type is a separate battery packed in a box (to prevent chemicals’ leakage) that gets connected to the car battery via the cables. Unquestionably handy in beyond-the-suburb zone; yet, it requires more place and periodical maintenance (recharging).

All the Naughty Abbreviations   

The amps and volts are quite important when choosing a proper jump starter for your vehicle. For most cars, 12V is enough. Ensure that the cranking amps number equals the one of the car battery. As to the peak and cold cranking amps, the more the better. The cold cranking amps are the ones that come to help when it’s too cold to start a car properly – find out how to deal with this, here.

The battery jump starters can be lead-acid (old school) or Li-Ion (modern style). The second one is more lightweight and has a higher capacity that entails a higher price, too.

Every Little Thing Counts

Some of the modern jump starters are sized like a mobile phone and have an appealing design. Yet, the solid heavy duty devices provide the wider set of functions and advanced comfort for the user:

  • an outlet for the phone or tablet charging, powering any other device;
  • (micro) USB output;
  • a light source (for jump starting in the dark);
  • a smart indicator of the charging process (charging/completed/error);
  • air compressor for maintaining the pressure in the car tyres;
  • a radio receiver.

A Quick Final Advice

Ensure the cables and clamps have proper insulation.

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