How to Increase Leads with Dealer Chat Software

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Adam Wilson, Negosentro | There was a time when most North Americans who were considering buying a new car were circumscribed by the options available in their immediate vicinity. Shoppers would head down to their local dealership and see what was available in their price range, and car sales was as much about cultivating good relationships with other members of the community as it was about advertising and marketing strategies.

With the advent of the Internet, all this has changed. Because it is easier than it has ever been for shoppers to compare prices from different dealerships in different regions, a person interested in buying a new Ford F-150 can compare prices from dozens of different retailers. Automotive sales has always been competitive, but with a greater ability to search out deals and a greater willingness to travel further afield for a new vehicle, sales representatives need to work harder than ever to close a deal.

For a growing number of dealerships across North America, dealer chat software provides one of the most comprehensive tools for dealing with this problem. Dealer chat software providers allow dealerships to turn their websites into showrooms by giving visitors a chance to interact live with remote sales personnel employed by the dealership software provider. These remote sales people can field customers’ initial questions about everything from dealership hours to inventory and current deals. Dealership staff can monitor these chats, and if a sale seems possible they can jump into the chat and move the customer toward a deal.

Live chat empowers dealerships by turning passive websites that potential customers only use to gather information into active sales opportunities. Live chat staff serve as a frontline sales team that can generate new leads for your dealership while filtering out less serious queries about hours and location, letting your own sales team focus on turning the most promising leads into actual sales. Perhaps most importantly, live chat software gives you the opportunity to make contact with potential customers earlier in their shopping journey, which gives you better odds at influencing their final decision.

Few industries are as competitive as automotive sales, and successful dealerships are the ones that can make a clear case for why their product is superior to the competition. But in order to make that pitch, dealership sales teams need to be able to reach customers while they are still making up their minds. If you want to generate leads and influence customers, dealership chat software is by far the most powerful tool on the market. Not only does it functionally expand your potential sales force, it also allows you to meet customers where they are making their decisions: online.    

This is why it is an increasingly popular option for dealerships that want to get the most out of their web presence. If your dealership is looking for ways to increase the number of high quality leads reaching the sales team and take advantage of the expanded market the Internet makes possible, dealership chat should be the first tool you reach for.

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