Impact of Technology on Shopping


Liza Stewart, Negosentro | Technology has redefined every single act of our lives. Whether it is collective or individual, the technology has made its impact on everything. To discuss each and everything, there would be a book required based on numerous volumes, that is why it is a wise decision to discuss only one traditional practice of human, which is now completely transformed due to technology.

In this article, we are going to discuss the impact of technology on shopping and how the online shopping is transforming our lives.

Made every brand accessible:

The biggest impact technology has made on the shopping is that it has made every brand around the world accessible to everyone. Now those brands which are based on any different continent like America or Europe, anyone lives in Asia or Africa can buy the products of that brand.

This not only helped the consumers, but it also helped the brands to increase their clientele. Because brands have become accessible to everyone, now more people are buying the products of international bands. People even from the countries in which that brand has no representatives are buying its products.

Opening a shop in the pocket:

Due to the technology, those days are gone when you have to find any physical location to open your shop. Now with the technology of mobile phone application, you can easily open your shop directly in the pocket of your consumers. With the mobile applications, your customer can easily get your products whenever they want wherever they want. These mobile applications can also use for different purposes.

Not just for selling the product, it can also keep your customers updated about your product by popping the notifications on the customer’s mobile phone. Moreover, these apps have changed the relationship between the customer and the brands. Now the retailers don’t have to wait for the customer to walk into their shop of brick and mortar to build some relationship. The mobile apps can do such things without any need for such requirements.

Shop on the go:

Now, a consumer doesn’t have to plan a whole day to go for the shopping. The technology has presented numerous options to the consumers to shop on the go. Options like websites, mobile applications are the most prominent ones. Even now many brands are working with the VR shopping malls which can offer you an experience of shopping in a world-class mall while you would be sitting on your couch or walking around your home.

The comparison has become easier:

Now you don’t have to move from one shop to another to compare the price and quality of any product. This hassle has been converted into convenience due to the online shopping mediums. Now with the different shopping websites, consumers can easily compare any product to another. Moreover, you can also find special discounts which you can never get in the traditional shopping method.

Discounted Coupons for online shopping:

With the online shopping, a consumer is able to save some extra money from his shopping. There are numerous discounted websites on the internet which offers different coupons and discounted offers on the online purchasing. This has become the reason why people are diverting more towards the online shopping instead of the traditional methods of shopping.

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