4 Types of Home Security Systems and Their Uses

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Kelly Middleton, Negosentro | 4 Types of Home Security Systems and Their Uses |  Home security systems are systems we use in our homes designed to detect and alert intrusion by unauthorized persons. Discussed below are some of the types of security systems in our homes today.

  • Monitored Alarm System – This kind of system will alert a call center if anyone tries to meddle with the system and the call center will alert the police. One disadvantage of Monitored alarm system is that it goes through your outdoor phone line and an intruder can locate those lines to cut them before breaking in if they know to do so. However, you can use a cellular phone or radio instead, so this problem can be made less of an issue. Plus, there are many advantages to monitored alarm systems, such as those like the Verisure Alarm Systems, which are worth looking into.

Another disadvantage of having your home on a monitored system is that even when the intruder sets the alarm off, he will usually have quite some time to get in and get a few valuables by the time the call center and police are notified. Monitored home systems are usually more expensive than any other type.

  • Unmonitored Alarm System – This type of security system sets off a loud siren inside and outside the house if an intruder tries to enter the house. It relies on your neighbors to call and alert the police. According to America’s best house professionals, an advantage to this system is that you will not have to pay any monitoring fees, making it much more affordable than a monitored alarm system. The system can be installed with flashing lights so that people and also the police can know from where the alarm is being sounded. Mostly the loud siren itself is enough to drive intruders away since there will be a lot of unwanted attention drawn towards the house.

The one disadvantage is that you will be relying on your neighbors to hear the alarms and call the police. If they are away frequently or aren’t that proactive, this alarm could be of no use to the security of your house.

  • Wireless Alarm Systems A wireless security system uses radio waves rather than wires or cables to communicate between the control panel, sensors, and cameras. Wireless alarm systems have wireless motion detectors which help to detect movement in the rooms, hallways, and on stairs to alert you of an intruder. They also have wireless video cameras which enable one to see surveillance of your home from any compatible web-enabled computer or mobile device. They also have a wireless door sensor that triggers the wireless alarm system when an equipped door or window is opened.
  • Electric Current Home Alarm System – This alarm is more commonly used for homes that are being built at the time of installation. It will monitor windows and doors and send a small beep when they are opened. This is great when it comes to security and also if you have small children that you do not want to open certain doors and windows. On the less advantageous side, other outside electrical currents can interfere with your alarm and make it not work properly. Lightning is mostly known to interfere with these electric systems.
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