7 Ways for Students to Make Money From Home


Derrick Alonzo, Negosentro |  Students can be under a lot of duress when in college. They are not only burdened with studies but also with ways on how to earn money so that they can keep themselves financially stable. Tuition fees, accommodation and food expenses are what make up a student’s life.

Also, they are keen on sharing financial responsibility with their parents and to pay off student loans (where applicable). So what can students do to make money? They can choose to work part-time at a store or bakery. Or they can wait tables or work at gas station. These options are available

But alongside studies this can prove to be a difficult venture for most students. Here are some clever ways to earn/make money.

Sell your game tickets

Students often go to games with their friends. They get tickets to these games being a student in that college at a discounted rate. What they can do is sell them at markup to get more than face value or if you are feeling generous, sell these at the price you bought to other out of town students or those online.

Most of the colleges have designated websites where the buying and selling of tickets takes place for their sports teams. You can bank on such websites and earn cash. As a student you can sell tickets at Craigslist, Stubhub.com or on other web forums.

Sell your video game account

If you are good at playing video games, chances are that you can make money out of this skill of yours when rightly applied. Video game fanatics, listen! I’m speaking to you guys especially, channel your passion by levelling up your character to a certain level and then you pitch it online for sale.

You will get what you ask. Platforms like EpicNPC and PlayerAuctions.com lets you cash out on your knack for playing video games.

Sell old textbooks

Well this is easy, when you passed a certain grade the textbooks for that grade level becomes irrelevant. You can always sell them and earn extra cash against those. It is quite possible that you may be requiring them for seeking a reference from them in future, however, if there are some taking up your shelf space better sell those out.

Again, with technology things have become simpler than ever. Online buying and selling is an actual trade. You can take snap of the book you wish to sell and place the ad on online selling websites. Places such as BookScouter.com allows you to scan your books via their ISBN and list down buyers for you who may be interested in buying that particular book(s). Amazon and eBay are other major alternatives (for not just textbooks).

Sell on Fiverr.com

Fiverr can come in real handy as all the gigs there, are for $5. You sell your service for a $5 in return. Browse and see what kinds of jobs people are doing for this amount. Select which suits you best. Something that you can do or has expertise in. if you do graphic designing well and can land several gigs in this area, you are doing a much bigger job. Rest you do the math, several x $5.

Publish Kindle eBooks

Each person has a book inside of him. That is for a fact!So while you are in college and wants to make money. Give publishing a book on Kindle a go. You can try Amazon, it’s free and very simple to achieve.

Mini internships

Internships are often looked down upon. It is said that internships gets you nothing. Whereas internships offers you experience and a stipend check. Sure, it’s not much but enough to get you through each week. Look for mini-internships at MindSumo.com and you can pick which problems you are willing to solve for companies.

Become user tester

By user tester we mean earning money by testing out websites. All you have to do is test them and register your feedback on them. Since companies are always on the lookout to make the user experience better, they seek people who would test their website for bugs, errors, interface, navigation, content and design elements.

With your feedback these companies then look to improve on those shortcomings and make it better for everyone visiting these websites. UserTesting is an actual website where you can get busy sharing the overall experience acting as a user and getting paid in return for it.

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