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Kelly Chesterson, Negosentro |Getting your employees to thrive in the workplace starts with the way you treat them. When you make it a practice to recognize and reward their efforts, you can truly transform the workplace culture into a place where productivity grows. As steel magnate Charles Schwab said, “I have yet to find the man … who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism.”

Why is fostering a spirit of approval so valuable? What benefits come from paying attention to your workers and highlighting their efforts? Here are a few advantages to employee recognition:

  • It shows you’re paying attention — and thus communicates that effort will be noticed.
  • It motivates team members to work harder.
  • It creates happier employees, who are more satisfied with their jobs.
  • By creating happier employees, it reduces turnover and its associated costs.
  • It’s simple to do — but makes a big difference.

Since fostering an environment of employee recognition can be such a powerful way to change office culture and boost productivity, it only makes sense to incorporate this strategy into your company. The only problem is knowing how. What makes employees feel recognized? How do you foster an environment of approval and affirmation? The good news is that there is a long list of possibilities for putting this into practice. When you’re considering how to put an efficient employee recognition program into place, you might:

  • Put up a wall of fame in the office to highlight accomplishments
  • Offer flexible or remote work hours to star staff members
  • Give shoutouts on social media
  • Throw surprise parties
  • Provide tangible rewards tailored to individuals

The bottom line is that there are many ways to let employees know you care. To learn more about these and other strategies for making your employees feel recognized and thus motivated, check out the infographic below.

20 Creative (And Affordable) Ideas For Employee Recognition created by Point Recognition
Author bio: Kelly Chesterson is Vice President of Operations for Point Recognition. Chesterson holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Baldwin-Wallace College and is a Certified Engagement Practitioner. She has worked in the reward and recognition industry for more than eight years. 

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