Top Reasons Why Nootropic Supplements Are Becoming Popular with Owners of Startups


James McCoy, NegosentroEven though nootropics first came into the limelight with college kids trying to ace their exams with better memory power and concentration, they have also caught the attention of entrepreneurs trying to make a mark in an intensely-competitive business environment that demands a very high order of energy, focus, memory retention and work productivity. Some of the top reasons why nootropics are increasingly becoming popular with owners of start-ups:

Enhancement of Brain Power

Very much like the Bradley Cooper’s character in Limitless who manages to transform himself from a struggling writer to an investment prodigy, a successful author, and a playboy with the help of a nootropic drug, entrepreneurs too are trying to overcome the multiple challenges of their business environment by boosting their brain function. By taking nootropics every owner of a startup hopes that he would be able to put in more energy and effort to achieve more productivity in the most difficult stage of the business enterprise.

Be Able to Feel Good

By boosting the levels of serotonin and dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitters, nootropics are able to lift your mood and make you feel better about yourself and everything around you, which definitely has a positive impact on your business as well. Vitamin B12 is commonly included as a component for exactly this effect. Go online and find the best Nootropics now to see instant results.

Improved Concentration and Reduced Stress

As the head of a startup, you are always bogged down by a huge workload and are expected to juggle a hundred things at once. This can take a toll on you, affecting your ability to prioritize and pay attention to each individual task. By using nootropics, you will be able to focus so much better and will see a remarkable boost in your performance, even on deadlines. Cortisol is a stress hormone that has several negative effects on the body. Specialized nootropics exist that can neutralize these effects and lower your anxiety and stress levels. Your health ensures that your business performs well.

Improves Circulation to Your Brain

A busy entrepreneur is constantly taxing his brain, which increases the need for constant oxygen supply to the brain. Through vasodilation or widening blood vessels, nootropics are able to achieve exactly this, thus minimizing fatigue and burnout. You will be able to handle things smoothly and efficiently.

Zero Side Effects unlike Drugs

One of the biggest things that set nootropics apart from performance enhancing drugs is the lack of side effects. The issue with Adderall, Ritalin and the like is that you experience a big crash or burnout when you stop taking them. The body gets used to them rather easily, and you will soon have to up your dosage, which makes it that much worse when you stop using it. These risks are minimized by nootropics, and there is minimum health risk associated with them.


Like any other revolution, nootropics have witnessed a fair share of cynicism and fuss. That said, if you break past the taboo and try one for yourself, you will find the change remarkable. They are completely natural and do not have caffeine, chemicals, or harmful ingredients. You could find proper nootropic supplements that cost less than a cup of coffee at a big chain as well, which means there really is no reason to fear them. You will achieve goals faster, enjoy higher productivity, and set yourself firmly on the path to achieving bigger and better things in your entrepreneurial career.

Author Bio: James McCoy is a scientist and a professor at Oxford University. He often contributes to various journals.

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