How to Turn Your Love for Dogs into Successful Breeding Business

feature-breeding-business | How to Turn Your Love for Dogs into Successful Breeding Business | Are you fond of dogs? Then it is great to know that this passion can turn into a breeding business. And man’s best friend can also be a source of cash flow.


Like any projects, or activities, sit down and think. Make a plan for your business. Is there someone from your family to help you out? Or are you going to start it all alone? In planning, you have to answer these questions:

Why am I doing this? For money? For the love of dogs?
Who are the persons that can help me: financially, psychologically?
Where do I plan to set-up my business? Do I have enough space at my home?
Do I have a target market in my area? How do I reach them?
Where can I get information about dog breeding?
What is my plan in case things seem to go wrong?

Answer these questions using your mind and heart. You burning passion and common sense should work together.



Once you have the plan, you are ready to act and start with your dog breeding business.

First, secure all the necessary paper works to make your business legal.

You need to be particular with what dogs are you going to breed. You can start with the dogs that you already have. It should be home based, or an area within your lawn because you have to be hands-on with the dogs every time. If you have a small space, consider breeding small dogs such as Chihuahua, Pomeranian, and Shih Tzu. You can start with a 3×3 meter of space.

You also need to secure supplies such as dog beddings, kennel disinfectants, kennel vanity kits, foods, and other stuff.


Here are some tips for managing your dog breeding business:

Ensure that your dogs are well fed. Get some smart small dogs breeds also as they are more in demand. If you have 10 small dogs, a 25-kilo sack of dog food lasts for 1 month. For maintenance, allot 2500-3000 pesos including dog food, vitamins, and clean water.

Make sure that your dogs receive appropriate vaccines on time.
Have a schedule for taking the dogs out. They need to have some exercise to keep them healthy.
Make sure that your dogs get a regular check-up.
Generally, dogs start to mate after 8 months. Once pregnant, they will give birth after 60 days. You have to take care of the puppies before you can sell them.
Puppies need to be deworming and vaccination, too.
Also, you need to keep your area clean, and free from poops and urine.


According to Josephine Molde a dog lover-turned entrepreneur, the fastest selling breeds are the Shih Tzu. You can sell female puppies for 10,000 pesos and male puppies for 8,000 pesos. Learn some marketing and breeding techniques here. 

Finally, you need to enhance your knowledge about dog breeding and selling by attending trades, meeting with breeders, reading pamphlets, or searching online. Keep in mind your main purpose in doing the business: your love and passion for dogs.

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