How to spend a Productive Day-off

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By Mary Rae Floresca |

During the start of the week, we usually feel that “Monday blues”, at times, we still feel darn tired even when you just had a rest day over the weekend. In this article, we’ll break down simple ways to ease your stress and spending a productive day-off.

1. Plan ahead

You should not be just planning for the tasks to do during a work day, try to plan ahead on what you like to do on your rest day. Whether it’s a weekend or just a day-off, think of ways you like and need to do on that day, if not, you will just do other unnecessary things in whatever you feel like it. It’s best to plan ahead so you won’t cram to do chores in the end of the day and you’ll end up not getting enough sleep.

2. Have a cup of tea

Instead of sipping the usual cuppa joe that you drink every morning at work, try drinking a cup of tea instead. Teas are said to be the best drink to help you calm your nerves. After a hard day of work, sip on this than a wine or beer, or else you will end up having a bad headache in the morning. Here’s a tip, if you feel stressed because of those sleepless nights, drink chamomile and lemon balm tea, this will work.
3. Break the Monotony

Nope, we’re not talking about monochrome colors here, but break your usual habits. Twist your usual routines, it will create a hint of excitement and you may discover something new. Change the path you are always passing by, try out new places, it will give you a breath of fresh air. This will help you not feel too burnout that you get tired of the routinary things you do everyday.
4. Set Boundaries

We are not shutting out your role in your job during the rest day. You have to set the amount of time you need if you cannot ignore a task for work. Let us not jeopardize your job, you are given a mobile work phone and a laptop for you to be more efficient at work. Don’t get obsessed on checking emails, receive calls, yes but if it’s really after hours, don’t answer the phone, return call or send a message in the next morning. Sometimes you need to subtly teach the people how to respect your rest day.

5. Budget-friendly day-off

This is something you can do especially if you want to spend your rest day alone. You can do this at home, start in the morning, sleep more that eight hours, but not too much, it will give you a headache. Catch up on TV series you missed, relive the sequels of Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Cook a sumptuous dish that only you can enjoy. Doing what you like to do makes you satisfied in the end of the day.

6. Learn

So you can’t stop being so productive? Learn a new skill, learn how to cook, this is very therapeutic than shopping, really. Read books and magazines, if you’re not a bookworm, go out, attend seminars that you can do on a weekend. It can be leadership seminars or anything that can broaden your knowledge. Check out short and online courses as well, some offer it for free.

7. Pamper yourself

Aside from sleeping in, having a cup of tea while watching TV, you may pamper yourself at home. Soak your tired feet in warm water, slice up some cucumbers and place it on your eyes, wear some Korean facial sheet masks, you can also whip up your own oatmeal mask. Light up an incense, like lavender, yes, that’s calming. You can do all this at home or you can reserve a slot at a secluded and relaxing spa establishment.

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