How playing soccer teaches you in life

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By Mary Rae Floresca |

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. A lot of people, even non players of soccer are being influenced in the hype of this sport because of FIFA World Cup and the each country’s players. There are points that we learn from this sport that we can usually compare in our life. Here’s a few keynotes that we can aspire from from soccer.

1. Teamplayer

Experts from Positive Coaching Alliance advised about being a Triple-Impact Competitor, and that is; Making yourself better, making your teammates better, and making the game better. In taking actions, sometimes we should be able to start from ourselves, check on your capacity to be able to play with your team successfully.

2. Don’t give up

Soccer requires running around the field and that could be very tiring. This scenario is familiar in every day’s work. But what can we do? We should stay positive and believe that we can surpass rough patches. Stressed? Take a bit of break, just right amount of recharging and you should be ready to start again.

3. Stick to your goal

The ball in this game is the center of the attention, imagine your goal is like the ball in soccer, you chase for your goals, you chase for your dreams. This requires the will power to remain focused on what you want to achieve in the end.

4. Mistakes and Failures

A lot of times, there is a slight chance that a player can goal on this game. This is same as what we do in our job, we get a slight chance to have your proposal approved, to get a new customer and the like, but these failures teach us to strive more.

5. Practice makes perfect

Not everyone is perfect but we can be “precisely” perfect. This means giving yourself a room for improvement. We practice because we aim to be better, to be better than we were before, no pressure to be really perfect.What is counted is the will of non-stop learning.

6. Every second counts

Remember the saying, “It doesn’t matter how many hours you put in, but it’s what how many tasks you put into the hourse”? Every time lapse is important in playing soccer, any move, the gameplay will turn around that’s why soccer players are anticipating every move that they can steal to make a score. This reminds us again that time is precious, if it’s done, you can’t take it back, but next time you know how to use your time wisely

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