How To Set Up Your Own Verizon FiOS Router

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After reading about the best routers for Verizon FiOS from BlueGadgetTooth and other reputable sites, you might have settled on the right router for you. Now it is the time to set up your new Verizon FiOS router.

Verizon FiOS works by using an Optimal Network Terminal (ONT) to convert the fiber optic signal from the fiber optic lines into a copper signal. Most Verizon techs utilize the coax outlet because it is already wired in most homes. Here’s how to get set up.


  • Find out whether your existing router is hooked up with Ethernet. Looking at the Verizon router, does it have an Ethernet cable connected to the WAN port? Are the lights on? If it does not have an Ethernet cable already connected, you will need to get one to hook up between the ONT and router.
  • Plug in the Ethernet cable. This step only applies if you do not have an Ethernet cable already set up. To connect, locate the box where the fiber cable plugs in and connect the Ethernet cable to the Verizon router’s WAN port.
  • Make sure you can use an Ethernet connection. Ideally, you would call Verizon ahead of time, requesting they move your service from coaxial to Ethernet. Verizon should be able to make the switch remotely. This really only applies if you ran a new Ethernet cable to your router.
  • Release the Verizon router. Unplug the Verizon router. From your computer, navigate to the Verizon router’s settings (normally and sign in. Go to your network connections and find the “Settings” option. Under “Settings,” find “DHCP Lease” and click “release.” Once that is done, go ahead and unplug the Verizon router.
  • Plug in the new router. Once the Verizon router is unplugged, plug in your new one. Using the same Ethernet cables that you used for the Verizon router, plug the router in from the WAN port on the router to the computer on the other end. There should be no other cables involved except for a power cable that you should also have plugged in. There should be lights on the router, indicating power.
  • Login to your new router. Following the instructions for your new router, go to its configuration settings on your computer. When you are in the setup wizard for your new router, make sure the internet connection is set as DHCP. It will also give you an IP address that you can connect to the internet.


Why Get your own Router?

If you are still wondering why you should get your own router instead of using Verizon’s, there are several factors that you need to consider. These include:

  • No rental fees
  • More security
  • More customization
  • Personalization

You should not have to rely on your internet provider to supply you with the perfect router. Instead, you should work out which router is best for you and go from there.

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