How to Make a Cubicle a Zen Den

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On average, people spend around 90,000 hours at work. And a big majority of that, for office workers, is in a cubicle.

So why should you settle for any ordinary cubicle you check in and check out from? Why not make your desk your chill spot, your workspace, your flow area, your ZEN DEN?

If you want to know how to make a cubicle more than a place for work, keep reading.

How to Make a Cubicle into a Zen Den

Aesthetic is something that you may have heard of before but not given much thought to. Or you ran out of ideas beyond basic color patterns. It’s okay, we’re here to help.

You’re going to turn that cubicle into the best spot in the office!

Fresh Order

For your sake and all who visit, having some sort of order to your cubicle is a must. 

When everything is thrown around and nothing actually has a home to go back to, the office can start to feel like a trash can.

Do you even know where your trash can is?

Having some order is huge.

Know where you’re going to put the stapler when you’re done stapling so when you’re in a rush it’s not a scavenger hunt the next time.

Studies have shown how a little bit of neatness can bring sanity for you and others! This is nice for when coworkers swing by you want them to leave with a little bit of your zen magic!

Don’t Be Basic

Every desk has a few usual suspects. Things like pens, tape, stapler, maybe a hole punch or some tacks, paperclips, and notepads. But the way in which the desk presents and stores these items is always a little different.

Try to rectify your workspace.

Some desks have everything laying around, no order whatsoever. Again, we don’t recommend that. It makes finding things hard and workflow bogged.

But even when things are ordered, you might want a little more spice.

Try to find things that are fun to use, like a stapler that’s shaped like a shark so it bites the paper for fun. Or a Dunder Mifflin note pad so you get a chuckle out of every note.

By customizing your usual suspects, every little moment at your desk is a little more personal, not just some basic supplies.

Let it Grow

Not the floor-fallen Dorito that you forgot to clean up a month ago, but a plant or two.

Greenery will work wonders in your workspace!

Not only do they provide a clean scent and presence, but they also add a calming effect.

If you’re afraid of the plant dying because you’ll forget to water it, pick up a few succulents (you water them like once a month…hopefully that’s doable.)

If you want to have the coolest item in the office try to find a bonsai tree. These mini trees are a delight for people to look at and work around!

One thing we’ll say about plants, though, is not to have too many.

You don’t want to have to move your ferns or flower pot every time you try to use the printer. One to three plants if enough for any size cubicle!

Speaking of Smells

If your plants aren’t kicking out the smells you’re looking for, you might want to try something like an essential oils diffuser.

If your office allows it, these are great little devices that keep the cubicle smelling fresh, while also calming.

And the essential oils are often good for your health too!

If you’re the person that has the good smelling cubical, with a few plants, and it’s always organized, you can expect to be known as the zen guru soon.

Not Just Any Old Chair

Don’t resort to only having a few swivel chairs in your cubicle.

As easy as and great for working as those chairs are, it’s nice to have relaxable furniture.

We’re not saying to try and bring in your lazy boy, but if your cubicle allows for it you might want a loveseat or something a coworker could sit on for ten minutes while you chat.

Furniture helps give your cubicle a home-y feel so that you won’t always feel like you have to “go to work.” The more at peace you are there, the better work you’re going to produce and enjoy.

Professionals over at Maris have some brilliant content and ideas if you want to visit their site.

We also recommend having ergonomic furniture. This is stuff that’s structured in a way to promote healthy working.

If you get bad aches or suffer from joint pain from typing too much, looking into these alternatives might help you find your peace of mind.

Lights and Sounds

Chances are you won’t be able to put in a new window overlooking the bay or anything for your cubicle. Unless it’s in the office lobby or something.

But you can increase the amount of light and type of light.

We recommend having two sources of light, one for earlier on in the day and one as things are winding down.

The morning light will be brighter and probably from a source provided by the office. You might want something a little brighter or from your own source though if that one doesn’t suit you.

In the evening though it’s nice to have light from a lamp.

This helps the mind calm down while still working. This way when you leave you’re a little more at peace than leaving the bright and bustling office.

Speaking of bustling, always bring some headphones to work.

Not only will they block out street noises like police cars or helicopters, but they’ll also help you focus in on projects rather than distractions.

Plus, office music never beats your music!

More Tips and Tricks

We hope this guide on how to make a cubicle a zen space has given you a few ideas. For more information on how to transform your work environment, head on over to our biz blog where we post tons of content.

If you don’t see something there, or want more on any topic, feel free to reach out and contact us at! We’re here to help you run the best business possible!